Saturday, May 30, 2009

And Another Dream Team....

Well the If I was Marta team is truly a Dream Team- a "what could have been if things had been different". See if you agree.
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A note from the creator: Before I get started, I know that I am totally breaking the rules with this but hey its just for lighthearted fun, right? Well after watching US Nationals, Trials, and then the final I couldn't help but think what if....this and this and that had happened. So this is my 2008 USA Women's Olympic Dream Team!

(Shayla Worley; What fracture?)

Team Name: If I Was Marta...

Shawn Johnson (AA) (VT, BB, FX)
Nastia Liukin (AA) (UB, BB, FX)
Samantha Peszeck (BB, VT, FX) (BB)
Alicia Sacramone (VT, FX) (VT, FX)
Bridget Sloan (AA) (VT, UB)
Shayla Worley (UB, BB) (UB)

Alternates - Chellsie Memmel, Ivana Hong

Shawn - Well you have to put SJ on AA and VT, BB, and FX. I dont think her UB Routine was well recieved at all...
Nastia - Again, you have to qualify her for AA. UB and BB are no brainers and Floor, she won the bronze!
Sam - I think shes very underrated on BB! Personally i think she has a better full then Shawn, she is VERY consistent on beam and just lots of precise power on that event. Shes also very powerful on Vault and Floor for qualifications too...
Alicia - Shes a world medalist on both Vault and Floor. Knowing what I know now (beijing beam) I would just let Alicia focus on those 2 events that she was most comfy in and let her be that team leader we all know she is!
Bridget - OMG her DTY at the AmCup was gorgeous! Great lines and consistence on UB, and she has STUCK that doublelayout consistently. Shes also a true all-arounder so I put her up for AA in qualifications too...
Shayla - When She hits bars and beam, she rocks it and I think would be very well recieved on an international stage!

(Ivana Hong: Still a bridemaid)

Chellsie - (As I duck to avoid the tomatoes being thrown at me) - Im sorry, really chell i am. You have the grit, determination, and toughness of a lion! But...this is the olympics and you just get hurt way too much for me to put you on the lineup...sorry! (This also could be a tiny bit of predjudice for me just not liking her style of gym but again, thats why im ducking from the tomatoes...)
Ivana - Im with Marta on this one, Shes got to up her difficulty, consistency, and GRINablity in order for me to put her on a team. Shes an alternate though because well..I just like her OK! (and i almost feel bad for her...) AND THOSE LINES! =)

(Sam P, still on the team)


Valeri Liukin - Head Coach - I think he is just the right mix of toughness, order, and precision that a head coach needs. Yet, unlike Bela, Im not scared to leave my atheltes alone with him.
Liang Chow - Obviously a great coach and a great person to have on your team (We are, after all, in China!) Plus, he is
warm, smiling compassion for the girls.
Marta Karolyi - She really did have a knack for spotting talent, bringing the team toghether, and keeping them in line.
Bela Karolyi - Its the record, I just can't deny that record. But again, he is NOT the head coach of my team

Hope you all enjoyed! You think this team could have won the gold? Thanks for the game CouchGymnast! It was fun!


  1. This team would definitely have a good chance!

  2. i know you know that the hass to be room for andreea raducan in a team!