Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Little Update..

Hi Guys,
I don't really have any gymnastics updates to share. I am in Romania at the moment, traveling around quite a bit. I am still waiting to get to a speedy, secure computer to upload my Euros photos for you.
Romania is fun. We are in Sighosoara, and have just had Easter breakfast with the family we are staying with, involving much egg smashing, lamb, cakes and the father of the house's mind-bogglingly strong homemade prune brandy.
I am having a wonderful time, but when i check out all my favorite blogs, i have been very envious of all that is going on, not having had much opportunity to keep on top of all the NCAA finals faffery that i love so much.
So Georgia won. Duh. Still, who cannot admire the hell outta that team's gymnastics prowess? They are amazingly steady and strong. I was sad to see UCLA didn't make it to the Super Six. I think that team will mature with age though. Give them a year or two, and i hope they will be back among the top contenders.
Obviously I am not doing the Maribor World Cup. It is way too far for me to backtrack considering I am heading to the Ukraine in a few days. I have to say, every time I see a road sign in Romania pointing to Deva I am like "oooh". If it was in the direction we will be driving tomorrow I would have stopped to get a pic of their 'Hollywood' style Deva sign, but alas it is not.
Anyway, sit tight my blogging friends, I return to Australia in the beginning of May and will get back to work. If updates are thin on the ground til then, I apologise.

Yours, the Couch Gymnast.


  1. I was just in romania last week, got as close to Deva as Sibiu, a measley 120km or so, but couldnt really justify going esp as lonely planet gives it a bad write up. So know exactly what you mean :)Coudlnt believe how mych gym got shown on national tv though!(it was the euros)


  2. What on EARTH are you doing in Romania if it's not gymnastics related? :P

    Haha, I actually really want to go. I'm jealous. Though if I do go, I will HAVE to go to Deva. :D

  3. coach from canadaApril 19, 2009 at 4:35 PM

    have fun enjoying your trip!

  4. Thanks for checking in! I am glad you are having fun, and yeah, the NCAAs were totally incredible...yay Gym Dogs!

  5. You still owe me that best chest in the gym poll.

    Have fun in Europe and don't do anything I wouldn't.

  6. Have fun, Couchy.

    I've been missing your funny blog entries but hope you are making the most of your time overseas!

    ~Mez at AusGymBlog

  7. Miss your blogs! Have fun!