Sunday, April 5, 2009

Event Finals!!

Yay Beth!

This is a quick update as i only have a short internet time, but the event finals today were awesome. My favorite day of competition by far. As you probably know already, Beth took both the bars and floor titles. Her bars were fantastic today, with no foot clipping and terrific handstands. Semenova was lovely for silver but she just did not have the wow factor of Beths high difficulty routine. It was great to see Anja Brinker take third. Her routine was nearly flawless and she has had a great week. It was good to see it end with a medal, though i was very sad for Becky Downie who has been narrowly missing medals all over the place this week (more about that later).

Ariella Kaeslin vaulted everybody out of the water, with the same as Sacramone's vault (?)including Julie Berger who is surprisingly powerful for such a wee, graceful thing and the dynamic Kalashnyk.

The Romanians on beam looked great. Though Tamarjan eclipsed her in the standings, i was very impressed with Gabrielle Dragois mature beam work. She was very calm for someone so young. Tamarjan has been so unsteady this week, it was good to see her medal.
Well someone asked me if i had something to say about Yana Demyanchuk. Well, i certainly do! After her terrible touch warm-up she was solid as a rock to win that beam final! Boy, that girl moves quickly! I have never seen a beam routine move so quickly. She actually had fifteen seconds to spare when it was over!!!
Valeria Maksyuta, whom I have admired for her very graceful, very pretty work this weak just fell apart on beam today without actually falling off. Maybe it was due to the fact she seemed to be texting someone furiously all through the others performances, only getting up to practise for a minute or two before going up last!!!
I was sad to see Jasmin Zimmerman fall. She has been a little firecracker all week. I like her floor music too. Just because she has done something different. And this week, and different floor music is more than welcome!

The floor final was the best though, in my opinion. It was such a great finale to the women's competition, though the crowd was confused about the scoring. They booed at the lowness of Vanessa Ferrari's score, though her tumbling passes included a double back and a double pike as two of them. I am glad Ferrari medalled though. She has worked like an injured dog for the Italians this week. The crowd also reacted badly to Semenova getting a far lower score than Tweddle. But although Semenova can dance rings around Tweddle, two of Semenovas landings were very, very low. The other thing i really came to admire today in Beths work, is not only her incredible tumbling and the improvement in her dance, but the precision of her leaps and the cleanness of her landing of them. She takes her time with them, giving the judges no opportunity to miss the fact she has landed them perfectly. That is smart.
The other thing the crowd was confused by, and so was i, was Sandra Izbasa getting a mere 13.900 (from memory). Did she not complete her twists? What gives? Anyone who has seen it, let me know. It was pretty great to see a thoroughly ticked off Forminte marching around to the judges, demanding the Why? Why? Why? of it all!

Back later with gossipy stuff!


  1. Thanks for your coverage of Euros. From the commentary on British Eurosport, it seems that Izbasa's dismount (triple twist) was not completed so was credited as a 2 1/2 twist. However, she had already done a 2 1/2 twist earlier on in the routine so that left her technically without a dismount.

    It was pretty sad to see her on TV because she was obviously really upset and had been under a great deal of pressure and was trying to laugh it off but when the score came in she just burried her head in her hands. She was a good sport though, and was quick to congratulate Beth as soon as her floor had finished.

  2. Ok, maybe is because I'm italian but Vanessa was great! I was crying.

    What do you think about the Spanish girl (apart from her leo XD)? I liked so much her routine!

  3. The commentators on Eurosport said that ehr triple twist was undertwisted and therefore only a 2.5 which she had already completed earlier in the routine. That meant she effectively had no dismount and she lost the value of the skill bringing her start value down.

    Personally I couldn't comment because despite all the debate, they never showed a replay of the dismount. Doh!

  4. No credit for the 3/1 dismount :-(

    It was apparently more underrotated than it looked. So she had two 2.5/1 in the routine.

    Triple spin may have been downgraded to a double.


    btw I wish she would go back to her blonde hair!

  5. They downgraded her triple to a 2-1/2, and since she already had one before that in her routine, she got no credit for a dismount.

  6. Izbasa was very short on her triple twist, they almost docked it at the WCF but didn't, it was due for a long time, I think, and she hadn't competed her harder set at all this year

    what did you think of Holenkova's floor?

  7. Thanks guys, thought it had to be the twists.
    Marcus, I think Holenkova did one of the best floors she has done all week, but i think she needs to get her difficulty up. Also, she has such lovely long limbs, she would be better suited to something less cutesy and more lyrical than that daft kiddie music- something in the lines of Parolari,s gorgeous dance.
    And MS, not only has the hair colour changed, Sandra wears so much make up to perform- including foundation- that she glows orange close up!!! A little too much, even for a performance i think.

  8. I agree on everything you said :) And may I say, I love how the british comentators immediately explained what was going on with Izbasa's score!

  9. From what I saw, looks to me like the judges didn't count Izbasa's triple. I could be wrong? But that was the only obvious mistake I could find. I still don't agree with that score, though.

  10. Gabriela Dragoi was a little heavy on the make up also I noticed, particularly the eyes. She was always such a pretty little thing and I was excited to see her in the beam final and then BAM! The eyes hit me. Waaaaaay overdone.

  11. I can imagine Izbasa putting her head in her hands and then laughing because she knew that the judges would be particularly hard on her as reigning olympic champion. I know its crap, but i think they were looking for something.
    As for Dragois face, i agree. She sat near me in the crowd to watch floor finals and wow, lotsa make up. Tamarjan loves her eyeliner too!
    When I am not on dial up speen internet in the Slovenian countryside, I will upload a bunch of my pics for you guys. Wait til you see a close up of Russian hair. Glitter spray much?!!!

  12. You are all right about Sandra's score. She had the A score only 4.9 because the judges downgraded the triple to 2 and a half twist, and because she already had one 2 1/2 twist she lost the value of the skill which means 0.5 and she also lost a 0.5 bonus which she would have got if the last line (considered the dismount on floor) would have had at least D difficulty. She lost 1 point deductions. :(