Friday, April 3, 2009

Euros Qualification Round-up....

Hi again, guys.
It looks like a lot of people have had a lot to say about the Euros qualifications, but that won't, of course, stop me from putting my two cents worth in! This entry will be sans the news pics bvecause, being me- meaning incredibly forgetful- i remembered my camera battery charger, but not the cord to connect my camera to a compy. I borrowed my friend's the other day, but she has gone of to see Verona and Venice while stick in Milano with all the gymnastickery. So the photos will have to wait until we meet again in Slovenia. Really, it's a wonder I got here at all.
So, qualifications......

Here are some more scattty notes from the Couch Gymnast. I did not stay for the final subdivision because i had to leave, but here is some about what i saw.
(note. Yep, the Couch Gymnast is stoopid. It wasn't Demyanchuk who was the Ukrainian disaster at warm ups the other day. It was Koval. How could I get that wrong? Koval, i reckon, is looking a shadow of her gymnastics self. Watching her beam yesterday just made me cringe)

High Point of the Day: Beth Tweddle. Wowee. Lordy it was good seeing that bars routine live. I am fairly certain she clipped her foot on the low bar near the end, but it didn't stop her no-time-to-breathe-release-move-after-release move swinging. It was terrific. But I have to say, the big surprise was her floor routine. It was awesome, as you can probably guess seeing she beat out Izbasa. My friend, who woke up from her little nap (she only ever seems to come to the gymnastics with me when she is hungover) to have a big gasp and squeal at Beth's still uber-impressive tumbling. She has matured into a decent dancer too. Less like Memmel's flapping around and a little more on the grand posing side. it works. I can't wait to see the showdown between the tumblers on Sunday. Also, it was great to see Beth supporting the hell outta little Hannah Whelan in the subdivision they shared as she competed the all-around very nicely to find herself in 9th place. I expect good things from that girl.
BTW, anyone know where Marissa King is at?

Lowlight of the Day: This one is tricky. I can't decide between Vanessa Ferrari and Youna Dufournet. I felt terrible for Ferrari who splatted both on bars and beam. It was not a good day for her and her heavily strapped ankle. It really does say something for both the quality of the day and the still-present difficulty in Ferrari,s gymnastics that she is coming tenth in the AA qual.
As for Youna Dufournet, I expected more. Perhaps nerves played a part, but i thought she might become a big player straight off, but she really didn't impress me at all.

Laugh of the Day: Aside from the abovementioned Ferrari Footloose moment, the laugh of the day for me would have to go to Zoi Lima of Portugal ( the girl i said should NOT be doing a double front mount from beam, though she landed it heavily squatted yesterday). Zoi had a wonderfully rowdy, supportive Portuguese contingent cheering for her which was lovely. When she started her floor routine i found i was quite impressed with her pretty, albeit not very difficult routine to some Portuguese or Spanish guitar music. She at least had her dance on compared to some of the other girls out there who made me yawn. That said, my favourable feelings dissolved into a flat out belly laugh when, during her faffing in the corner before her final run, she launched into what i suppose was meant to be a slow, saucy little version of the Macarena dance! Gawd!

Sportswoman of the Day: Little Miss wrong-side-of-the-bed Afasanyeva frowned her way around the Milanoforum again yesterday. Got to say though, if i was performing the way she has the last coupla days i'd have trouble turning that frown upside down too. Splat on beam. Nice floor til she way under-rotated her double pike at the end. Bars was nice though.

Huh? of the Day: Well we all know I can be a bit vague on details, so it is probably no surprise that i didn,t place Valeria Maksyuta competing for Israel, despite her distinctive doll face and bangs. Instead, I kept looking at her compete, thinking 'who on earth is this lovely, polished and very pretty gymnast?' I loved watching her perform. She has a real presence about her, and although her work is less difficult, I didn't see her make one single distinctive mistake all day. her beam set was gorgeous.

Splatfest of the Day: Goes to Kim Bui. The poor girl was having a bad, bad day. Like Vanessa Ferrari she seemed to have whatever you would call the opposite of a magnetic attraction with the apparatus yesterday.

The Couch Gymnast Feels Good About Being Right For Once Moment of the Day: A Greek won the beam qualification Vasiliki Millousi by a sweet little margin over Tamarjan whom I did not see. Told you those Greek girls were lookin' good did I not?

Surpise (s) of The Day: I found Jasmin Zimmerman to be very impressive and I did not know much about her, so her gymnastics was alovely surprise. Every time I turned around she was looking really solid. I enjoyed the strength of little Emily Armi's gymnastics as well she was looking very good. And I saw her careening around the arena with her little pals after her subdivision looking very pleased with herself, which she well should.

Ouch of the Day: Goes to the Cypriot girl who cruched her foot badly on her last pass and dropped to the ground in a lot of pain. It wouls have been nice if her coach was actually watfching and had seen it happen and she wouldn't have had to be up there for so long. I saw them move her out of an ambulance and into a taxi outside, so hopefully her injury wasn't too bad. She seemed to be in a lot of pain though.

Yay of the Day: Of course this blogger is happy as hell to see her favorite baby gymnast Holenkova do so, so well yesterday, coming sixth AA. There is hope for Ukraine yet! Even the leo wasn't too bad.
(Can't say say the same for Koval, unfortunately!)

Wow of the Day: Goes to Adela Sajn for her double turn on beam. I didn't stick around to see if she knocked out the triple she was practising at warm ups the other days, but boy that girl can turn!

Blink and You miss it of the Day; Okay, either Belgian Aagje Van Walleghem was in the final subdivision (which i missed) or i plain did not notice her stellar performance yesterday to come in second in the AA qualification. Surely I would have noticed that. Surely? (actually, it is entirely possible. I blame jet lag)


  1. If you were not so funny and I didn't like to read you I would kick the top of your head for laughing of Zoi Lima! (I'm portuguese).

    But ok.. I understand what you mean! both about the double front and the macarena dance!

    Keep us informed!

  2. Haha, I thought you meant that the Portuguese girl did a double front MOUNT onto beam. Took me a moment to realise that you just forgot to put the "dis" in "dismount". I was trying to imagine someone doing a double front mount, sounded too incredible to picture.

    Out of curiosity, does Israel compete at the Euros? (should we *tell* them they're a part of Asia? :D ).

  3. Tamirjan came second, Vanwelleghem 3rd

    I'm hoping for a Semyonova, Tamirjan, Afanasyeva (or Holenkova) AA podium, though if Downie falls 2 less times on beam, she'll be up there as well

    I'd like to see

    Kaeslin winning vault and Vanwelleghem and Berger medalling

    Tweddle, Semyonova, and Holenkova on the UB podium

    Semyonova, Tamirjan, and Demyanchuk on the BB podium (well, Demyanchuk is most important because she doesn't have any other medal chances)

    Tweddle, Izbasa, and Tamirjan or Semyonova on FX, maybe Holenkova can give a brilliant effort and medal