Saturday, April 4, 2009

And the Euros Crown Goes to....

Miss Smiley and Miss Cranky Pants!

Well, as you know, it was Semenova all the way today- almost boringly so. Lucky she has the whole package I require, grace, difficulty and no falls! I still can't post my photos so I shall do that in a couple of days when I have the cord.

Okay, here's my little round up. I just returned from the competition and I am so, so tired!

Stick of the Day: This one definitely goes to Afanasyeva today for her floor routine. She has had the dropsies all week and I am yet to see her nail a beam set- including today. In fact, remember how i was saying she would fall of just while standing on the beam? Well today she was doing that parading little walk she and Semenova do to get on floor and lost her balance slightly doing just that little bit! Lucky the music hadn't started! After that, her floor routine was awesome. She landed everything beautifully and didn't give in to the exhaustion on the last pass. And now, Afanasyeva has something to smile about!!

Yay the Couch Gymnast was Right Again of the Day!: This one goes to Ariella Kaeslin. Did i not tell you the girl looked awesome at podium training, and that she was improving with age? I feel vindicated! Izurieta of Spain was in third place until the last rotation when Kaeslin took over (wearing that heinous butterfly/creepy mask leo i so despise) at the last. I have to say i am glad. Izurieta,s vault and beam were solid and terrific today, but that floor routine? The tumbling was great, but the dance? Oh my lord, there was no dance. It was painful to watch.

Ouch of the Day: Poor, poor Youna Dufournet. She hasn't had the best week anyway, and today was no exception. When she fell (on her head) on her first or second pass I could tell she was near tears. Then, in her third, when she pretty much landed on her face, she really was crying. It was horrible to watch. Poor thing. I saw them icing her ankle, which must have been what got her. I tell you, i nearly had to shut my eyes i was praying so hard for her to land her last pass and not kill herself doing it.

Baulk of the Day: Emily Armi. What happened? I must confess i was half watching another routine but it seemed like she fell off uneven bars twice. She looked incredibly upset and like she didn't want to get back up. She spoke to her coach, then saluted and walked away crying. She did not, however, seem to be injured.

Outfit of the Day: Well you,d think it would go to a gymnast, or at least to the guy i saw wearing the horrifying red jeans and yellow sweater, but no, it goes to Khorkina. Yep, the queen was there, as rumoured. I could spot her make up from a mile off! At first, she looked quite nice, black slacks and a pink pinstriped shirt with white collar and white cuffs. She was also wearing skyscraper heels which i would be too scared to even put on, let alone deal with the incredibly steep steps of the Mediolanum Forum. Anyway, everything was fine until she popped a grotesque bright orange jacket over her pink shirt! Wear are the fashion police when you need to show a criminal a colour chart?!!!!

Bad Girl of the day: Well it's a toss up between Van Wallegham and Annemarie Tamarjan, both of whom neglected to turn up for the medal ceremony until long after it started!!! I had a feeling something was up when i saw that scary Romanian lady beam coach repeatedly calling someone on her mobile just before they all marched out. Then the P.A put out a call for both the AWOL girls, who still didn't show. Reasonably, they just went on without them. Aaagje ran in about a minute after they lined up, but Tamarjan was even later. As i was waiting for the bus back to the metro station, I saw the athlete bus with her up front behind her still-furious looking coach looking very sulky like she might have just been told off.
Annamarie had a tough meet too, falling once or twice on floor. Very sad particularly because that routine is gorgeous.

Dissapointement of the Day: I felt sad for Becky Downie when she hit beam today. She had been having a terrific meet thus far and even led after the first rotation. Her bars in the second were just fantastic, but then came beam. She fell once and then rolled back on her dismount. Dissapointing. She came back on floor too, which must have made that eleven-point-something score even worse, cos she coulda been a contender.

Trick of the Day: My favorite move today had to be Emily Armi's beam mount. It is a variation of Ferrari's (who was sadly lacking in comic value today- even the leo was acceptable) that begins with a double stag handstand, which she then planches a' la Ferrari. Very pretty.

Dang! of the Day: Also, Valentina Holenkova didn't have a great day, falling on her last pass on floor and generally not looking as confident as she did the past two days. She will have to pull of a corker of a show to get in one a bars or beam medal. Fingers crossed!

Injury of the Day: For those who doubt her 'injury' I saw poor old Goryunova watching the mens competition today, bandaged and bored, listening to her ipod and cutting off the skin on her hands. She was tucked in a corned and rubbing that ankle. I think we can safely say this is not one of those Russian switcheroo jobs or she was putting on a great show!

Event finals tomorrow. Go Beth!!!


  1. Emily was shocked...After the second fall on the UB she was very disappointed and she said that she didn't understand anything....If she completed her exercise she would fall many other times i think!!

  2. Any comment on Yana Demyanchuk? She's my current favorite Ukrainian!