Monday, March 2, 2009

The Truth About Pavs.....


Okay, so a few people have queried my 'Anna Pavlova is a (not-so) secret drunk' theory...
Frankly, I don't know how you can think otherwise
For those of you who can't smell the stale whiff of booze on her breath..... here's a list of reasons why The Couch Gymnast's has probable cause to think she's got a little flask o' something stashed in her gymbag.

1. She totally has mood swings- ecstatic one moment, depressed the next.

2. She looks suspiciously raggedy in the mornings (Read: hungover)

3.  She falls over at inappropriate times.

4. She is forgetful (as in, "Green light?  What green light?  I was shupposed to wait for.... what?  What judges?" or "I don't know.  I jusht forgot to do my hair today.")

5. And she really, really likes a party. 

(Go on, just try and tell me she is just a little sleepy in this pic)

 Reads like the symptoms in a
 "How to Know if Your Teenager is an Alcoholic"

(Also, her favorite hobby is playing pool. 
 And we all know where they keep pool tables don't we? 
That's right people- in bars.)

But mostly I can tell just by looking at her.  

See, as far as I am concerned, she only has three expressions.

Her "Ouch, I am so sick of being a human pretzel" face.

Her "I'm concentrating" face.

And then there is her.....

 "TEQUILA!" face now do you believe me?!



  1. i always believed, but I like how well documented this very informative article is :P

  2. We also need to note that Sandra Izbasa is a caffeine addict:

  3. Ahahahaha brilliant! But I thought that the first of her three faces was her "I'm imitating the Phantom of the Opera now" face.

  4. SomewhereOverTheRainbowMarch 4, 2009 at 1:38 PM

    Just found your blog Couch Gymnast and have read like every post within the last hour! Great in everyway, I hope to read many posts in the times to come! Thanks for your work and this was the funniest thing ever. I also love "What you looking at?"

  5. I. Love. You. Marry me?

    Haha, never stop blogging.

  6. for me this joking post is inappropiate, alcohol addiction is a very serius problem and Anna is a so healthy sportswoman :(

  7. ha! check out this photo of anna being carried by her mother after OBVIOUSLY too much tequila. She looks like she's gonna hurl!