Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Wouldn't Wanna Be on the End of That....


The Couch Gymnast's Guide to Some of the Sport's Best Death Stares!

Irina Yarotska may be tiny, but she look like she could take a piece outta you!

Well I am sure we are all familiar with Nastia's stare-down, but you have to admit the hand guards and the jacket help paint an even more intimidating picture.  She looks like Mike Tyson in his corner, snorting into his gloves between rounds.

Yep.  Her mother's right.  She's the Dennis Rodman of Gymnastics.

The only gymnast to ever truly, truly terrify me.

Queen Khorky was so damn good at it she could give  blank space a look and it went running.

And look who was taking lessons from her !  It seems there is more to Nastia's Russian heritage than her parents genes!  (Also proves she doesn't need the accessories to intimidate.)

Mad? Sad?  What's got you raging Tati?  That they made you wear that eye make up?  Or put on that leotard?  Or is it the fringe?  Or is it that the combination makes you resemble a mildly irritated ostrich?

Furnon's coach looks like he's trying to hold her back from leaping across the mats and beating some Buffy down.

Yep, Cata ain't happy.  Though the Romanian Gym Federation would probably tell you not to worry, that its just PMS (see Black Sheep of Deva)

I've spent so long touting her as the Queen Harbinger of Whackerdoo Leotard Choices that I forgot to mention the sheer comic value of her Streetfighter-I-am-going-to-kill-you-with-my-bare-hands-look.

Oh Chellsie.  Please remove the pole.  You're scaring me.  I love you, but you are scaring me.

The Grandmother of the U.S Death Stare.

Bored or bitchy?  Bored and Bitchy?  I could never quite tell.

Oh yeah, here's the girl with the KO punch.

But there is nothing, nothing, quite so impressive as the U.S Team en masse death stare.


  1. Nastia Liukin improved on her mom's death stare.

  2. I'm missing a picture of Vanessa Ferrari here. She has a killer stare (made me feel bad to be on the wrong end of it once). I fully agree with Catalina Ponor - if look could kill I probably wouldn't be writing this comment...

  3. How about one on best bust in gymnastics. Prudo and Sac should be in there. Bogi and Dom and Nadia and that Ukranian all look quite hot after leaving the sport. That ginger Aussie at Oregon has it going on as well.

    Maybe have a poll and vote for best. You could do a worsst series as well...but how can you get flatter than a 12 year old Chinese?

  4. wahooo! you said yes!

    That thing is going to get some major traffic.

  5. TCO reminds me of the song "The Bitch is Back"

  6. ROFLMAO - both at the post and TCO. YOu gotta admit, non-PC tho they are, TCO's comments get people talkin'
    How about Dasha's stares... y'know, the one that goes with her "I dare ya" salute?


    Best Nastia I will come over there and beat you silly stare that I've found.