Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Gym Dogs say....


So, magicians can bend spoons, a group of men can survive at the bottom of a mining shaft for weeks, a snail can hang in suspended animation, pinned to a display board in a museum while no one realises it is still alive for two years and....... 

I was getting to think that these blonde- haired, blue-eyed, employee-of-the-month, yearbook mostly-likely-to-succeed, clam-bake lovin', tea-party makin', academic-honours earning, best-friend-a-girl-could-ever-have, all-around wunderkinds were incapable of losing a meet...  
But here, folks, we have it.... in quite the turn of events the wonderful team at University of Alabama, the wonderfully-named Crimson tide, beat Georgia by four mammoth tenths of a point with what looks to have been a steady, stellar team performance.  

The largely injured Florida Gators followed close behind in third at the SEC gymnastics championships.
After coming second by 0.25 last year at SEC's Bama coach Sarah Patterson said that the girls kept the momentum up by spending the last bye screaming and yelling and dancing to music in order to take the pressure off the last rotation.  Well, it worked.  Patterson said she didn't tell them the scores before the last event, but just reminded them they were capable of doing it. And they were.

Georgia still managed to take out a bunch of the evening's honours, with Suzanne Yoculan taking SEC Coach of the Year (her goodbye present i guess) Kupets getting Athlete of the Year (duh) and the immeasurably sweet Grace Taylor taking out the Scholar-Athlete of the year award.  Kupets also took the AA of course, being a sole or shared winner in all events.

It looks like, from the scores, Hilary Mauro and Cassidy McComb both had falls on beam, meaning Mauro's 9.3 score had to be counted, affecting the over-all team count though there were no other major mistakes.

The best thing, of course is The NCAA Nationals now look to be an actual exciting meet.  Yay!!!!

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  1. As upset as I was about UGA's loss, somehow your post made me feela ll better, especially that first pic, it was PERFECT.

    And then I saw Grace's pic and I could only imagine how upset she must have been afterwards, she was really fighting for this one, but it came down to steps, and UGA took more steps than would make up that .375 they lost to Bama by.

    But oh well, they still have regionals and nationals.