Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For the Love of....


More out-of-leo fashion crimes from The Couch Gymnast!

Ah denim! It is the fashion staple. It is not only wanted, it is necessary. You sling on your jeans, and anything goes with it. 
You sling on your jeans, a tee, and you're instantly dressed. 
You throw in a cute top, or a saucy singlet and you're dressed up. 
You put on a nice blouse and you're fit to see Grandma. 
Denim is everyone's friend. 
At least i thought. 
But for those who live in the further reaches, on those Eastern sartorial shores of Europe where they haven't heard that velvet and sequins are out, these lost souls still exist in a world where acid wash, stone wash, and denim-on-denim still carry fashion weight. 
Don't know what I am talking about?
Let The Couch Gymnast show you....
Now, every experiment (even fashion) must have a control.  Here is a control.  A-Sac in a perfectly regular example of the donning of denim.  

And here is another.  Courtney Mc 'Really Quite Cool- Have You seen her Dance?' showing how to bring it to the beam.  So here is a little example of normality before we move onto the more, uh, experimental of denim choices....

See what I mean?!!  Here is Simona, all innocence and and sweet uncorrupted youth, but yet sporting that great eighties throwback, the faded denim jacket..... like it's normal.

Oh Catalina.  Those jeans.  Still magnetically attracted to the nineties, aren't you?  Low slung, or knee length?  Can't decide?  Let's do both!  Brought to you by the decade where less is not more... more is more. 

Here is her baby fashion sister, Monica Rosu.  I'm thinking she might have an Amanar hand-me-down here,

And here is Catalina's young protege, Oana.... it's like a virus.

Okay, so fair enough, Ekat looks like she is about twelve here, and no one is totally responsible for their fashion decision at this age.  But, a sheepskin lined denim vest? Holy hell.

Anyone watch n Next Top Model?  This is what Tyra would call "high fashion" denim.  All Queen Khorky needs is a good 'broken doll' pose.

And just in case you thought they left those fashion war crimes back in the nineties, Anastasia Koval keeps Eastern Europe in the loop..

And just in case we thought there was no one else to carry the fashion torch in the West....


  1. That's one of my favorite pictures of Alicia. Some of the others though - frightening! The poor Romanian girls. :)

  2. Adela Sajn's latest leo:

    At first I thought it wasn't that bad (by her standards), but then I realized that the sheer material didn't have flesh colored lining and you can see her cleavage through it.