Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Gymnastics Gods....

Bless me for i have sinned
It's been, well.... forever since my last confession.  
But I have to admit i have been having uncharitable-unkind even- thoughts about a certain gymnast.   

I just can't help myself. 

No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to stop having them.

Is it bad that I am really, really glad that Courtney Kupets is finally finishing up with NCAA gymnastics this year.?

It's just that she is so, so irritatingly, annoyingly good at gymnastics.  

Is it bad that even though i think she is a fabulously talented gymnast and probably a very, very nice person I am still so, so tired of her and her annoying habit of winning everything?  

Is it bad that sometimes I want her to like, fall of the beam or miss a few more handstands on bars just to know that she can?  
That she is human?
Is it bad that I am glad i never have to watch her do another one of those floor routines again?

Is it bad that even though I think she is real, real brave for overcoming and returning from two achilles injuries that I am happy that she has claimed she is hanging up her leos for good?

I've thought about this a lot, and I thought that maybe i was still just a little bit mad about the whole Martha letting her go up on floor instead of Court McC in Athens even though she was injured and I really, really, really wanted McC to get a go in the team comp, but it's not.  That was four years ago, and it wasn't Koop's fault anyway- it was the Hags. 
I'm over it. Really I am.

I think its just that once Courtney's gone, and is no longer winning every NCAA, SEC and National title in sight, that others will have a chance to shine, Georgia will have to fight harder and the individual rankings won't be so darn predictable.

I know, I know.  It's not Courtney's fault she is so good, or that Georgia likes to pluck ex-Olympians for their fodder, or that she has had the good fortune of being on one of the most consistently good teams for her four years.  But I am still sick of her.

Okay, okay I know the drill.  I'll go recite the Code of Points five times and try to change my ways.


  1. It's going to be interesting to see how UGA does next year with Shayla...

    I was never a fan of Kupets even in the seasons leading up to the Olympics (was a McCool/Vise fan) and now she just gets on my nerves

  2. lolololol.

    i love me some koops, but i kinda wish she'd come back to elite just to show these girls what perfection is :P

  3. Yeah, I wonder about the Shayla factor. I am a fan of her gymnastics but iI wonder particularly about the rumours of her bitchiness and princess act on the tour and wonder how it will, if there is any shred of truth to it, affect the team dynamic at Georgia.
    The Dawgs seem to be very, very close, and though it might be partly a media act, i don't think you can fake the fun they seem to have together we see on film. I just wonder hoe 'the star' will do.

    Yeah Katrina, I always preferred McCool, and Schwikert and Bhardwaj to Kupets.

  4. I have worked with Courtney at summer camps for the last two years and she is by far the nicest most even-keeled college gymnast that I have worked with (and I have worked with many many many of them). I wish that people would get to know her before wishing bad things of her gymnastics. She is one of the hardest workers and just an honest, caring person. Get to know these gymnasts before you judge them based on what you see on tv or hear through rumors.

  5. I don't understand people's feelings on her. I mean, we should be happy that someone is putting their heart into the sport and accomplishing things and go down in history as one of the best NCAA gymnasts ever. I love that she's just herself and performs like she owns the damn place. For someone to be so disciplined and determined after all of the shit she went through, injury after injury year after year. She competed in 2007 with her plantar fascia barely hanging on. She really does get disheartened when she messes up, have you seen the under the lights special? It broke my heart to see her break down like that. She, Tiffany, and Abby have dealt with eating disorders, and I'm just happy to see that Abby and Courtney at least have conquered those demons, I'm still worried about Tiffany.

    Sorry about the rant, but I just think that if someone's good, they should be celebrated and not pushed aside for someone not as great as them. Kind of like how I HATE HATE HATE the 2 per country rule. Sloan, Kramarenko, Afanasyeva, and Tamirjan were robbed of a chance to compete for the AA gold because the FIG thinks that someone who won't medal deserves to be there more.

  6. I do think she is a fantastic gymnast. I would be a fool not to think that- which is precisely why i feel guilty about looking forward to seeing what things are like for the Dawgs when she is gone.
    Yeah Marcus, i saw Under the Lights. I felt so sorry for her when she broke down because she is one of the most reliable gymnasts on that team. I doubt anyone in that room was feeling like she had let them down, considering how much she does for the team score on a meet-to-meet basis.