Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Corey

I take it all back!  
I didn't mean what I said about your tuck position! 
 I was just curious about the rules, that's all!  You can do whatever you want!  
Do your vault in a split position if you want!  
I don't care.  
Just be ready for SEC's okay?!

I feel so, so sorry for Corey Hartung right now
But I am just as sorry for us that we won't see her compete this week.

What sad, sad news that Ms Hartung won't be donning her leo for her senior night against Michigan because of a dastardly torn calf muscle.  Rondha Faehn is right.  It must be devastating for Corey.  It is for us too because she is one of the most exquisite gymnasts in the U.S.A, college or elite at the moment and I hope she is all better for the SEC's because the Gators are going to need her!

Get Better Soon, Corey

Love, The Couch Gymnast


  1. Hey, I went and looked through my OU gym videos and here are three of Stephanie LoPiccolo. I hope the links work! Here:

    BB vs Auburn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEzzVh5UxSc&feature=channel_page

    UB vs Auburn:

    BB vs Texas Womens:

    Sadly she graduated last year, and I swear they said she was moving back to Australia for nursing school, but i definitely saw her at both the meets i've been to this season so...perhaps she is doing nursing school here at OU? Not sure...and I'd like to know, so if I find out any cool information about her I will pass it along! :D

  2. It's very hard to see the blue! :( Poor Corey!