Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Couch Gymnast is going on a....


Yep, that's right, at the end of this week, The Couch Gymnast will be heading on a whirlwind, five-week tour of Eastern Europe. She will, however, be starting her her holiday with some Europeans Championships reportage for you folks out there!
The International Gymnast Online announced the roster for this years individual Euros, a list which got me all a-flutter with excitement at prospect of this competition.  I know, being so close after Beijing, it will not be a jam-packed with the bigs stars or the thrills of a team-comp, but I am still ridiculously excited about it!
Here's a list of what I am most looking forward to next week in Milan.

Beth Tweddle!  Yay! Yay! Yay!  Time for Bethy to put that big-scoring bars routine to the use formwhich it was strung together.  I know a bars gold at these Euros might not have the same flavour after that fourth place in Beijing, but hell, I'm just glad the Tweds is still gunning it!  )

Speaking of the British girls, I am very much looking forward to seeing how the young, surprise Beijing team member, Hannah Whelan is coming on.

 I am sad, however, to see no Marissa King in the line up.  I'd love to see that girl win a vault medal in a major competition.

Spanish Leotards!  Yay!  It is safe to assume that the four spaniards, Mercedes Alcaide, Ana Maria Izurieta, Naomi Ruiz and Anna Serra will be sporting some stunners for the show!

Seeing the French wunderkind with all that her difficulty and talent, Youna Dufournet play with the big kids in a major competition.

The Ksenia's going head to head on beam.  Isn't it so very strange to think that the Ksenia's are now the old girls on team Russia?  I love watching both these girls on beam when they hit it and would love to see one of them win a medal.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the Sandra Izbasa body is holding up in the post-Beijing year.  I hope she can still power up for floor.

And of course, I am totally dying to see what the patron Saint of the Hideous Leotards, Adela Sajn will be donning for the meet.

Though Dariya Zgoba is nowhere to be seen on the list, I am looking forward to seeing Anastasia Koval, who actually qualified third for the Beijing bars finals (though Liukin and Kexin had problems) do her thing on the unevens.

Seeing what Croatian gymnastics stalwart, Tina Erceg pulls out on floor.  Though she doesn't always hit her tumbling, I find her floor exercises strangely appealing.  She has lovely leg extension and some nice dancing.

I am also looking forward to seeing one half of the Romanian talent-twins Anamaria Tamarjan perform on one of her favorite apparatus, floor after her bronze medal win last year. Between injuries and two-per-country rules, Anamaria hasn't had enough opportunities to perform despite her solid performances and impressive talent.

Seeing the winner of the 2007 European Youth Olympic Festival, Valentina Holenkova performing for Ukraine.  Valentina was impressive, winning bars and beam as well as second on floor.  She was also Ukraine's only all-arounder in team qualifications, but only qualified as a reserve for the AA final.  I am hoping she has lifted her difficulty because her work is very pretty.


  1. guhhhhhhhhhh what am i going to do without your blog for the next five weeks????? this makes me a sad girl, but i hope you have a fun trip :)

  2. I will go to the European Championships too!!!

  3. Do not fear Amy, I will still post from Europe, albeit not as frequently or thoroughly, but all will not be lost. I will wanna gossip about the Euros I'm sure!
    See you there Giuly!