Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Couch Gymnast Bids.....

Farewell to Suzanne Yoculan, the closest thing gymnastics has ever had to a cult leader!
 I'm going to celebrate her retirement byleaving you all with one of my favorite pieces of Suzanne-ry;

"I thought we did well.  We were a little up and down, but just little bumps and not deep holes.  It's a process and we keep putting the pieces of the puzzle together."

Sigh.  Yeah, I'll miss you, Suzanne.  I'll really miss you and your words of wisdom!
(Though kudos must go to her, no matter her ridiculous talent for making sound and fury signify nothing, for making the champions she made out of Georgia.)

And now, you know how when someone retires and everyone stands around telling funny stories about them at the party?
  Here's mine.   

Does anyone remember when Suzanne Yoculan had to go to hospital for burns to her esophagus? 
Apparently, she had taken a bowl of grits out of the microwave and just started hoofing them down without letting them cool!  
Now, I'm sure it was very painful having burns on 8 inches of her esophagus and being on morphine.  I felt quite sorry for her at the time.  
But grits?  
Come on, it's been a year since it happened.  
Can we laugh now? 
....It's pretty funny. 

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