Monday, March 9, 2009

The Bad Girl Files #1

Bad Girl: Corina Ungureanu
Country: Romania
Gymnastics Highlight: 1998 European Floor Champion 
The Crime:  Getting her kit off all the time. and occasionally breaching team contract
Please Explain?
Corina first got herself in strife for posing nude in a Romanian Playboy Magazine in 2002 after her retirement (not unheard of for an ex-gymnast- Aurelia Dobre, a fan-favorite posed for the Netherlands Playboy in 1991.  Svetlana Khorkina posed for the Russian one in 1997).  To make things worse, she, along with Lavinia Milosovici and Claudia Presecan, then appeared in two Japanese DVDs performing their routines sans clothes. 
Corina even released a couple of books featuring photos of her in the raw.
And if that wasn't enough to royally tick off The Romanian Gymnastics Federation and cause a furore of moral outrage among gym fans at home in Romania, the DVDs that were released also showed the girls in their official Romanian competition leotards, contravening contractual obligations to the RGF.

The federation forbade the girls from coaching or competing for 5 years between 2002-2007. 

Badness Rating: Medium
(Well, even if you are the sort of person who gets up in arms about gymnasts posing nude, you have to acknowledge the mitigating circumstances for young Romanian girls. Romania is a poor, poor country, where opportunities to make money are scarce.  Why else would we hear so many stories where girls are selling off their old medals or giving interviews claiming they never saw any of their prize money?  
Perhaps they could have left the team leotards at home though, huh?)
(Honestly, I think the outfit above is a far, far worse crime.)


  1. Not only is it a poor country, numerous gymnasts have complained about having royalties and prize money withheld from them.

    the idea of doing naked routines sounds much more hilarious than sexy. I would almost pay to see it.

  2. Love this article !! You should do more !!

  3. LOL- ditto the outfit. Hey if I could get a couple of bucks flippin nude, why not? I'm sure she said, "Times are hard, the world is rough. Time to make money and shake my stuff!"