Thursday, February 12, 2009

Worlds Worst Leotard Contest Heat 6


And this particular heat is called:

Taking One For The Team!

This heat is devoted especially to team competition leotards. Designs concocted and chosen by a country to show off their best gymnasts- though not always in their best light!

Romania Goes Impressionist

Ukrainian Evening Wear

Holy Flaming Slovakia

Spiky Italia

Spain Shines (not in a good way)

French Stocking Cleavage

A Hazy Shade of Canadian Ugly

Russia More is More

As usual, make your choice for the worst leotard in the voting poll on the side.


  1. That Romanian leo is almost unthinkably hideous, but that is one hell of a planche.

  2. The Ukrainian girl looks like Count Dracula's daughter in that leotard.

  3. These are all hideous!

  4. Yup, need a "D - all of the above are hideous" option in this poll....