Thursday, February 26, 2009

What You Looking At?

Coach:  What did i tell you?  Hair pins!  Your team mates never have this problem!

Random Dude: A bit short for the job, isn't she?
Random Dude Two:  But she's tough.  You watch.
Vanessa: Prepare for total world domination.

Al:  Come on Terin.
Terin:  I don't care if she needs to warm up.  It's my mat and I'm chillaxin'.

Monica:  What did i tell you! Do Not look behind you!

Viktoriya:  This girl is really weird.  
Why does she keep talking about some Beyonce song and crying?  

Zammo:  I don't know what it is.  The judges just seem to hate me.
Ludmilla:  Have you tried straightening your knees?  I've heard they like that.

Khorky: Did you see that?!
Ludmilla:  Prods just tried to do her dismount onto the beam!

Prods:  I cannot look at zis leotard! It eez too funny! 
Laura: What's wrong with it?  I think it's nice.  You should see what they made us wear last year.
Morgan: Can I go now? These girls are insane.

Ludmilla:  I don't know.  I just had a sip of Pav's gatorade and I started to feel funny.

Pavs: Ha Ha! Hic!  


  1. I had a good laugh - thanks for the post!! (Pavs liquor strikes again!)

  2. Hahs, you're reeeeaaaaal funny. xD

    Just wondering, what's with the Pavlova alcohol puns?

  3. That's Laura Martinez and Morgan White in the picture with Produnova.

  4. Thanks anon. I k ew I'd probably get one of them wrong, but not both!!!

  5. Basically, she always looks just a little inebriated in every photo i look at, I ran with it!
    You don't think she just FORGOT to wait for the green light do you?

  6. The first one was hilarious.

    On the subject of Pavs and her *fake* drinking, ever see the pictutre of her switch ring at the olympics where one hand is doing a peace out, and the other looks like a gun. Good for conspiracy theorists trying to figure out if Pavs reps the east coast or the west.

  7. wtf hahahahha oh my gosh. pavlova seems so innocent i wouldnt believe her drinking if i saw it. but that was funny. goodjob.