Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Revenge is Sweet.....

(Alabama gymnasts showing off their ponies)

On Bad Hair Day

So, remember a long time ago when I blogged a dedication to hair trends in gymnastics?  In my wanderings through the wonderful world of gymnastic tress-dressing on the net, I found an article about a club called the Knightdale Academy of Gymnastics in Raleigh, North Carolina who host a meet called the Bad Hair Day Invitational every year.
What? Well, apparently  it all started when the coaches at KAG had gotten kind of tired of, no matter how much they talked to gymnasts and parents about sending their girls to meets with presentable hair, how one or two would always turning up looking a little disheveled or simply inappropriate for a meet.  This was driving them so crazy that one day, they decided to exact revenge.  
Their act of retribution was to turn up at a meet one day, with all the coaches hair tied up in tiny crazy little buns all over their heads and coach a meet as if everything was normal.  This way the girls of KAG could see how they felt being embarassed by the ridiculous coiffures of their coaches.
Well of course, in the spirit of hilarity that resulted from this, the club decided to host the KAG Bad Hair Day Invitational every year, where coaches and gymnasts alike, turn up to compete at a serious meet wearing the most insane and silly hair-dos they can muster.  Even the judges get in on the act. Prizes are given for great gymnastics, but also for the best Bad Hair.  Sounds like fun.

(KAG Gymnasts on a normal hair day!)

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  1. Oooh, are there pictures of these bad hairdos?