Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Goodbye To The Triple Full and Double Salto Blogs

Oh Lordy, it seems like the gymnastics ship is sinking and we have deserters.  Only Triple Full and Double Salto are no rats, they are busy people with busy lives.  And I completely and utterly sympathise.
I am gonna miss them though, particularly the Triple Full blog,which for the brief time it was around was a font of gymnastics knowledge.  We were lucky to have that crew translating while we did.  I would often read those lengthy, translated articles and think what a massive undertaking the whole blog was.
I mean, my blog is more gymnastics musings and fripperie and fun and it is still a LOT of work, and technical difficulties frequently make uploading a boring task.  So I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to actually keep up with meets and scores and injuries and up-to-date news.  
So basically what I want to say, both as a blogger, but also as a blog-ee who enthusiastically and admiringly reads a lot of gymnastics blogs, thanks Triple Full and Double Salto, it's been grand.
I wish you well and farewell.
And for all y'all who are lucky enough to have the time and energy to keep plugging away, thanks to you too!


  1. (if this is a repeat post, ignore it) Us gym bloggers are a dying species! We're gonna have to do a lot of work to fill the gigantic void left by Triple Full's exit.

  2. This is true. it might be up to you, though. I'm not entirely sure my musings on who had the worst hair or outfit ever, or wether anna pavs is secretly a drunk are that informative when you want to know who's in the next World Cup draw or how Jade's wrist is!
    But I am having fun, and while I am having fun.....

  3. thank you Couch Gymnast for blogging! I understand not everyone has the time and energy to keep up a blog (so I feel for the Triple Full girls). But darned if I don't visit this blog for the anna pavs-is-drunk blogs and worst leotard heats...This blog is so much fun :)

  4. I'm completely with anonymous. Thank you so much for being here! I hope you stick around! Haha, I absolutely appreciate the more superficial aspects of the sport. :)

  5. All my favorite blogs are retiring... don't leave us, Couchy! I'm not sure what I would do.

  6. Who will Anna pass the bottle to once she retires? Could Semyonova look anywhere near as dazed as Pavlova does?