Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Day Anna Pavs Shared the Tequila.......


Oh I feel verry nice now.
 Zank you Pavs!  
'Ello judges!  'Ello Mr Beam! 
Now I vill just lean here a minute....vait my turn. 
...leesten to a leetle Beyonce. 

I feel jusht fine. Everyzing eez jusht fine. 
You jusht tell me ven zee nice judges ish ready vor me 
and I vill get up!

I vait vor ze music.  
Vait vor ze music.  
Okay, and ve go!!

Okay! Move! 
Oh vot I do again? 
I forget.

Jusht pose!

Oooh! I am zo fierce right now!

Oh I feel a leetle funny. 
Don’t look down! Don’t look down!  
Oh…… too late. 

Quick! do zomezing!

I know! Jazz hands! 
Geev judges jazz handsh!

Move ze hipsh! Oh I am zo Beyonce right now!

And up!!!  

Uh oh. My stomach ez doing ze double fronts.
Oh zis better be over soon.

Okay I done!  You zink ze judges vill notice zat ze music is still playing but i haff stopped?

Somebody pleez, vere eez ze bathroom please? 



  1. I love these random posts!!

  2. This is exactly why I LOVE your blog.

  3. I love the posts like this. I'm guessing this is meet was from the late 90s so I'm picturing a 9 or 10 year old Pavs giving Tequila to Produnova!
    You should add this leo to your next world's ugliest leo competition. Russia usually has some of the best leos but they went through a phase in the late 90s with horrible leos.