Friday, January 30, 2009

World's Worst Leotard Heat 5.....


Here is round 5 of the world's worst leo competition.  As you make your selections, please be sure to savour these wonderful moments in gymnastics' sartorial history.

Oh The Nineties
(or 'oh dear, a nineties abstract oil painting just threw up on my leotard)

Geometry meets Dominatrix
(or 'anyone for a spanking?')

Spanish Double Header
(Please, take your pick. I dare you.)

The Orange Strangler
(Before Khorky started on the 'after five leotard wear' and generally diva-ing around as her form of living on the edge, she was a fan of flouro fabrics and detailing that looked like- if someone grabbed both ends of that silver stripe and yanked- it was supposed to hurt.

Flouro High Cut
(or 'anybody seen my neck?  I seem to have misplaced it.')

Once again, enjoy making your choices!


  1. These are terrible:

  2. This competition has become quite popular.

  3. Definitely the unfortunate rose print. Gag.