Friday, January 30, 2009

World's Prettiest Leotard 5....

The People's Choice Begins!

Hi Guys.  This week's selection of choice leos come from entries sent to me by readers.  To everybody who sent them in, thanks for your contributions.  I didn't get to see and consider everything because sometimes the links didn't work or people didn't provide links.  IF you want to send me suggestion, please, please, please do- but please provide a link.  This blog takes up a lot of time and i don't think i can spare any more time chasing up numerous suggestions like "Mo Le Tan's yellow leo from the vault event finals at the World Cup in Vladivostok in 1992" without getting in trouble from my academic supervisors for neglecting my paid work!

Keep the entries coming guys!

Marbled Russian (Ksenny)

Romanian Patriot (Team)

China Blue (Jiang Yuyuan)

Red Ribbon (Dominique Dawes)

British Lion (Becky Downie)


  1. OMG, are yo sure yo have the leotards sorted in the right categories????

    With the exception of Jiang Yuyuan, the rest of the leotards are not flatering at all. In fact, I think I may have just vomitted a little in my mouth!

  2. And I repeat...People's Choice.
    Don't shoot the messenger.
    I am sure people don't always agree with my taste, and I definitely don't always agree with others either but this is for everyone.

  3. I love the first one but that may be partially because Anna Pavlova was wearing it when she did her beautiful floor routine in Beijing.

  4. Welcome back, CG!

    (And yes, the heat is INSANE!!!)

  5. I quite like Becky Downie's. Here are a few others I like with links. Sorry for any repeats!


    Tatiana Groshkova

    Fanny Helminen

    Sandra Izbasa

    Sanne Wevers

  6. Thanks, four outa five worked. I have had the Groshkova and Nastia one's lined up to put in this for a while. I really loved Helminen's tho.

  7. Here's one I really like

  8. The more time I spend on gymn message boards/blogs, and the more "best leo" competitions I see, the more I realize I must have extremely different taste in leos than most people - I must be missing some critical leo judging gene! To me, these range from indifferent (Beth's) to downright ugly (Anna's - I know people love the marbled Russian leo, but - seriously??). Can you create a category for "none of the above?" Oh, and welcome back! =)

  9. SO EXCITED my becky downie suggestion got in!! I LOVE that leotard! Sadly the blue/red/white USA flame one from the Beijing Olympics didnt make the cut....but it's ok!

    Thanks for doing this, it's so entertaining! And welcome back :D

  10. I think the China Blue leotard was the one given to the girls at Marseilles and it also came in a red which was nice and a black too i think.

  11. I've always been partial to this one:

    And this lovely one on Svetlana Khorkina:


  12. thats now even funny how ugly those are. ....seriously? one of them wasn't even a competition leo. ugh.