Monday, January 5, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

It's time for The Couch Gymnast's favorite Game......

Leonid: Ven I say point your toes I mean point your toes for gods sakes. Vy can you not do eet like Sveta?
Elena: Do not speak to me. Do not even look at me or I. Will. Kick. Your. Butt.

Martha: Grrr! Vait unteel ve get back to camp! I vill show her!

Nastia: Dude, is Martha looking at me, or you?

Shawn: I hope it's you. Last time I stepped on vault she made me clean the floor mats with a toothbrush.

Asac: See the way Martha's looking at Nast? Someone is copping it tonight.

Shayla: Remember when I choked on beam and she made me butt glue my leotard to my head and cartwheel around the gym ten times?

Sam: Oh boy am I glad I stuck just then.

Vanessa: Dude, you are, like, so cross-eyed right now.

Beth: Okay, Marie, you seem like a really nice girl, and you're kind of new at this event finals things, so I am gonna let you in on a little secret. There's no actual rule about the forehead thing. It's not like, in the FIG bylaws or anything that you have to have a giant alien forehead. You don't have to look like that. All you gotta do is grab a little handful of hair from the front- get your hairdresser to do it if you're not confident- and just cut it above the eyes. Then whammo, you have bangs! It's that easy! Do yourself a favour, girl.

Ksenia: Coach says don't bend your arms. Don't bend your arms. Don't bend your arms.

Nastia: Who is this tiny brat next to me with all the new bar tricks? I'm going to whoop her butt at this final. I get gold and Dad says i can stay up and watch Gossip Girl.

Nastia: There's that little shortass that beat me last time. I missed some good television because of that upstart. This time it's over. O-V-E-R!

Pavs: Jesht one more minute up here and then I can have another leetle drink.

Letterman: So you one some kind of medal, ice skating was it?
Carly: Uh, Dave, my eyes are up here.

Ana: What? Party at Pav's last night? No one told me!


  1. you rock. so. much.

    especially the nastia ones. made me actually choke a little

  2. I love these!!!!!

  3. Hilarious. I always wondered what was with the foreheads, glad someone else noticed too!

  4. haha these are hilarious! Post more soon please!

  5. For the fifth one:
    Vanessa: Does that guy in the front row have his camera flash on? If he does and I fall because of it, he'll be in big trouble. I was a victim of flash photography in the all-around final. I'm not going to be a victim again!

    Ksenia: I thought being shorter was better in artistic gymnastics.

    Nastia: Man, this lineup is STACKED! I'm gonna have to work extra hard on this one.

  6. lol, the giant alien true!
    thanks couch gymnast, you made my day :)

  7. haha i love how nastias like in everyone!

  8. HAHAHA!!
    that Nastia one made me bust XP

    kudos to you:D

  9. Love most of these but for the second UB bars line up you almost want it to be

    Tweddle: okay I was wrong about the bylaws but apparently no one told me about tha alien forehead .2bonus. Fortunatly I figured it out in time. Poor Nistor is screwed.

    Nastia: Daddy says this year if I beat Ksenia I can BE on Gossip girl. Which is way better than just watching.