Monday, December 1, 2008

World's Worst Leotard Heat 1...


Contestant number One- The Giant Silver splash. (that is bigger than actual gymnasts head) (Sara Moro).

Contestant number two: Rainbow Collar Horror (Ludivine Furnon)

Contestant Number Three; Nineties Geometric Uzebekistani style (Oksana Chussovitina)

Contestant Number Four; Clash of the Colours (Pink on Purple with (look closer) yellow orange and red lining) (Li)

Contestant Number Five: Rhapsody in Orange Floral (Jie Ling)

Contestant Number Six: The Flaming German Underarms Leotard


  1. That's between Chus and the Germans ..
    I'll go with the Germans on this one. At least the last one was probably made in the 80's, which is an ok excuse.

  2. They're all terrible, don't get me wrong but Ludivine Furnon's leo is the only one that's truly mind-searingly hideous.

  3. def number 2
    sick lol

  4. The German Olympic leo was hideous. what were they thinking

  5. hey, i love your blog! Whadd'ya think of oksanas leo at vault finals (olympics) this year? I hated it!

  6. What's wrong with Chuso's leo? That was just the fashion of that time... did you see Kim Z's leo at the 1991 nationals??? Or Dominique Dawe's at the 1994 nationals? ... all assymetric black and white with colour....
    In twenty years we are propably all crying about todays leos...

  7. i actualy love Chusso's leo. I think it's hilarious! But then I am a sucker for the eighties. I think the rainbow one is far, far worse. But i wanted to put something in there for everyone!

  8. i find them not so bad actually.
    i like Chuso's one, it is truly original (what i don'T like is her sunday morning floppy socks), and Li's one...

    number 2 definitely is ugly

  9. I think some of the worst leos are still missing, e.g. Shawn's blue and orange one from 07, or the black dominatrix leo Courtney McCool and Terin wore at some competition

  10. I think some of the worst leos are still missing, e.g. Shawn blue and orange one from 07, or the black dominatrix one Courtney McCool and Terin Humphrey wore to some competition

  11. After so many bad leos, it would be really nice to see a blog about the beautiful ones. It is always easier to criticize

  12. Two thing. One, this is just a heat, there are many bad leos to come. perhaps i should have put it in gym language. This poll is like the first session of the qualifying round, there will be more....
    As for talking about lovely leo, i think you might have missed my post about the japanese ones perhaps?