Tuesday, December 30, 2008

World's Worst Leotard Contest Heat 4...


The Sleeveless Snail

Stocking Cleavage

Orange Crush Velvet

More Canadian Flouro

Gold Rush

As usual, vote in the polls at the side bar! Have fun!


  1. Oh god.

    These are all uglier than the last ones. ALL OF THEM.

    word verification: sychlxa.That's the sound I made on seeing these.

  2. I'm with Kassiane! OMG, theiy are awful.

    Do I really have to choose just one? This is going to require some thought.

    I think at least two need to advance from this group!

  3. Is the US women's qualification leotard going to be in this contest. I did not like the gigantic star on them.

  4. Oh poor, poor Dariya. That must've been her lucky leo in '07 cause she wore it all the time. It's especially ugly because it spent her entire routines wedged in her booty. :-( awful.

  5. You should really add Brazil's 08 Olympic team final leotard to one of the heats. It was perhaps the ugliest I've ever seen!

  6. i like the canadian leo

  7. Hey, is this the final heat? If not check this one out: