Wednesday, December 31, 2008

World's Prettiest Leotard Heat 4...


Okay guys, today, we are going to do things a little differently. In my search for the World's Prettiest Leotards, which I have to say, you guys haven't been as helpful with contributions as you have in the World's Worst Leotard Contest, there have been some consistent winners in the pretty leo stakes. The most consistent, in my opinion has been Anna Pavlova. She is nearly always wearing something lovely. And if it is not lovely, it's just on the dull side. I am yet to see her wearing anything even remotely offensive (if you have seen something, please provide evidence!)
I have a file on my compy of pretty leotard photos which i add to whenever i see or get sent something. Pavs, Khorky and Liukin seem to reappear the most, with Pavs winning of the three.
So, this weeks heat will be devoted to finding the best of Pavs. Instead of chucking her in all the mixes. I thought i would let you guys decide which won of her winners will go into the WPL finals. Good Luck!

Pink on White

Patriotic Swirls

Silvery white on White

Sequinned Swirl on Black

Netted Rose

Blue on Black

Black Sequinned Butterfly


  1. Is it coincidence that Russian leos are usually more prettier than others???

  2. Pavss yey!!!
    She looks pretty in almost everything.

  3. That sequined swirl is beautiful but thats not a very good photo of it.

  4. Just found another one to add to your 'patriotic Pavs' collection. Seems no matter what Russia throw together as the team leo this girl is able to pull it off!!

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  6. I liked this leotard, despite breaking the short sleeve rule.

  7. I love your blog I really do, but a black background with white text is really hard on the eyes... I know its your blog and whatnot but is there anyway you could work around the color scheme?

  8. here are some suggestions for pretty leotards :)

    perhaps i am partial to this one because i love the colors and i am from the USA, but I really liked the design, it's not cookie-cutter like so many of the leos today are (in case the link doesnt work, its the navy blue USA leo from the Olympics with the red and white flame):

    I also love these two new Russian ones:


    Also I think this British leotard is quite pretty using their lion:

    A classy gold and maroon from Oana Ban:

  9. Some of them are really lovely but I'm stuck on the Patriotic Swirls. I think it was one of the best leos in Beijing and looked really good on Anna. So that's my vote :)

  10. mprettiest picks by date
    1991 worlds ussr(black & paint swirl)
    and lysenko's EF leo.
    1993 worlds gogean& fabrichnovas AA
    Doni thompsons american classic
    1994 Russias goodwillgames leo TF
    moceanu nationals leo
    1995 kristy powell amrican cup
    prelims and finals leo
    1996 France olympic team final leo
    UKR T compolsuries(sp i know)
    1997 Atlers nationals leo day 2
    (black & white with stars)
    1998 Romanian Rose leo!!!
    1999 worlds raducan EF floor
    worlds atler blue /white AA
    nationals atler green/black
    2000 Romanian olympic leos(all)
    olympics zamos gala leo
    olympics usa team finals leo
    2001 holly vicegoodwillgames EF leo
    2002 kyoko oshimas PAC EF floor
    2003 nationals humphrys prelims
    2004 Nationals McCool (black/white)
    olympic trials (flames)
    russia Europeans team final
    beth tweddle (flag on back)
    World cup final chinas leos
    2005 worlds pavlova EF vault
    worlds tweddle EF bars
    world fan ye EF beam
    2006 nationals wogas leos both
    nationals memmel day 1
    worlds aus
    worlds beth tweddle EF
    2007 nationals woga(both)
    nationals gage (black/white)
    worlds aus
    worlds rom Team final
    2008 olympics nastia beam final
    AUS (all of them)

    these are just some of my can see a have a romanian could do a spread on Dasha like you did with pavs with all aus great leos.