Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Worlds Prettiest Leotard Heat 2....


So, as i have already mention, a slight mess-up with the polls means that the two who were tied on the day the poll accidentally came down will go into the finals.  Here they are.  Koko Tsurumi and Alicia Sacramone's pretty leotards.  

Now, we move onto the next heat. Thanks again to those who linked or sent me to pictures. Keep them coming guys!

Blue Flowered Dirndl Style (Tabitha Yim)

Classy Sequinned Black Leotard (Queen Khorky)

Japanese Cherry Blossoms (Kyoko Oshima)

Classic White (Elsa Garcia)

Bold Brazilian Red and Black (Jade Barbosa)

Pink and Black Geometric (Daniela Sofronie)


  1. Japan has amazing leotards!!

  2. Might I suggest Charter Oak's 1997 Nats Day 2 leo (the black and white one) for the prettiest leo competition? Russia has also come out with gorgeous leo after gorgeous leo in the last year or so - I'd love to see one or more of them included!