Thursday, December 4, 2008

World's Prettiest Leo Qualification Session 1.....


Okay here is a few to start us off.  I seem to hover between loving really simple, mature designs or really really insane designs.  I am also surprised to find i am okay with diamantes so long as they are executed in an orderly fashion and some people can do see though bits and its okay!  Anyway, here goes...

Khorkina's Rose Coloured Leo
Khorky always veered wildly between hideous and gorgeous leos.  I personally liked this one a lot.  It's mature.  It's eye-catching without being gaudy and the colour suits her.

Best of Romania
Romania nearly always leans on its national flag colours and this one goes in as my fave of the variations.  Its delicate and pretty and i like how the coloured lines spread right around the back of the leo.  Its suggestive rather than banging you over the head with the old red, yellow and blue like some have in the past.

Floral Done Properly
This is a cutie from back in the day.  Olga was a sweetheart, so the sweet flower suited her.  Also, like they often did back in those days, they kept the design simple but effective.

The Scarlet Lady
This one breaks a lot of my rules about see through panels and whatnot, but somehow, i still really really like this leo.  Its both elegant and flattering.

Japan Does it Better
Another very pretty number from Japan's impressive leo repertoire.
Asac's No Shrinking Violet
Not a big fan of the purple shades, but even i have to admit, Leesh looks kinda classy in this one.

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  1. ASac looked even classier in her purple leo from nationals this year though.