Monday, December 8, 2008

When in Oz......

Do as the Aussies do and hang out with strange looking animals!

I know the first time I went to the U.S.A i really did meet a few people who thought we rode kangaroos to school and had koalas hanging around in every second gum tree.  
But of course, like most of you know, this is not so!  Like these girls, we see koalas in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries more than we see them anywhere else.  Kangaroos are more common, but their will be no riding of them that's for sure.  Haven't you people heard of the boxing kangaroo?  These guys pack a punch when they're cross!

Luckily for these girls that's only when they get riled up.

The Ukrainian girls hanging out with a bunch of kangaroos doing what they do best, lying around in the shade and looking sleepy!

Svetlana Khorkina takes on some bigger specimens.  But she's got the right idea, feed them and they're like putty in your hands.

Nastia getting as close as is probably good for her to a Koala bear while in Melbourne for the World Championships in 2005.  They may look all sweet and cuddly, and they may get all dopey on whatever it is in gum trees that acts like drugs on them (truly), but they have some mean claws.  How else do they get up those trees? Nastia kept a safe distance.......
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Unlike Vanessa Atler who claimed after taking this photo that, as cute as she thought he was, she didn't think the claws on this fella were quite so cozy!

And, as pointed out by Mez from Australian Gymnastics Blog, another cutie koala moment.
(from Chloe sims online)


  1. "who thought we rode kangaroos to school"
    Dude, that's nothing. I got asked from a girl who lived in NYC and she asked if I rode a cow to school. I'm from the Western (and though I have ridden a cow) USA

  2. My brother visited Utah to do some youth work a year ago and got asked by a 4th-grade boy, "Where did you learn to speak English?"

    We're from Melbourne.

    Don't forget - the visiting Chinese team posed with the Aussies at a zoo in 2005. There are adorable photos of Cheng Fei patting a koala, I think you'll see it at Chloe Sims' site.

  3. Some Americans think Australia is the size of a peanut.
    An American lady asked where she could catch a bus to Ayers Rock from, but she was in sydney.

  4. tsk tsk Couch, not koala BEARS just koalas!

    I have also been asked over here (USA) if I had a pet koala and also how often I went skiiing in the alps (Austrian anyone?)

  5. there are actually heaps of koalas in the wild, every time i go camping i can hear them growling in the trees at night!

  6. psh thats nothing i checked into a hotel in usa and the man at the front desk asked if i am hiddind a kanaroo or koala in my bag once he heared im from australia i said no then he asked to check my bag next day he asked if i was hidding a masheti in my room and he had a movie called crocadile dundie or something i said no the next day a nother australian bloke is behind me in the cafe line he asked if im australian i said yes and he asked me to help him by getting some of my friends and going to his park wresteling an alligator tape it up and release it in the wild the bloke behind me just goes what the f**k and asked the man if he thinks all australiand can wrestle crocks.
    true story realy funny