Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Baby Photos..

Remember last week when i posted that photo of the mini Baby Ban? Well I think i must add this baby photo to the collection. How tiny is Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs in this one at the bottom of this entry?  Again, I just couldn't resist.  I was trawling the Canadian gymnastics website, when I found it. 
And, on another note, considering the complaining (completely justified complaining) lately about the crapness of various gymnastics news sources and websites i must say that the Canadian site is really, really good. Well worth a look. Their archived news is interesting, with lots of results, human interest stories, pictures and a genuine pride and interest taken in their athletes for the readers.
Also, on the subject of Elyse, one of my favorite gymnasts, you must go and check out her new floor routine at the UCLA Bruins site if you haven't already. Both she and Aisha Gerber have been given really cool floor music and some interesting choreography. Elyse's music is awesome and she is still doing her freakily speedy triple turn and her double illusion turn from her old routines.
Also, I don't know if Aisha was just going through the motions a little on the day the vid was made, but if she brings a bit more to her performances in meets, it will be a winner of a routine. Go check them out if you haven't at;


                           Aw! She's nearly smaller than the coaches leg!

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