Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Glass Half Full Time!

Okay, so someone commented on the leo competition that is easy to be critical and focus on the worst and that I should do something about beautiful leos.  You know, i hate being told what to do, but i hate being thought of as too critical even more (such a virgo)! So guys, maybe, parallel to our Worlds Worst Leotard competition, we ought to have a search for the Worlds Prettiest Leotard as well.  Yes, i think that would put a positive spin on things.  I am going to start us off.  Now i now this is breaking a lot of my own rules- The Couch Gymnasts doesn't do rhythmic gymnastics- but every time i image search gymnastics, this picture comes up.  I think this leotard is beautiful.  Really really beautiful.

And that, boys my friends, is the last time you will see rhythmic gymnastics on the Couch Gymnast.  But hell, for that leo, it was worth it to break the rules.  
Now, as some people don't seem to be aware that, the World's Worst Leo competition is actually being held in heats, let me, as i said in my comments, bring it into gymnastics terminology.  There will be qualification sessions for both best and worst leo, after each session, about 5-8 of them are done, the tops from each session will go into the AA to find a winner.  We may also have Event finals, such as Best and Worst floral pattern, Best and worse use of team colours, etc.
So,  next post will be a selection of lovely leos, for the first round, but please people, once again, I want your help with this.  I have had some awesome contributions to the worst category.  I want some for the 

Worlds Prettiest Leotard contest!


  1. koko tsurumi @ beijing.

    dasha joura. i really like this one for some reason rebecca bross. such a pretty color combo

    also, all of russias this years. and 2004 (except svetys fugly AA one)

  2. I have one for the worst colour combo to be considered...

    Sorry it's such a long link- didn't know how else to do it.

  3. And sorry couldn't leave this one out for Team colours gone wrong....,,6057318,00.jpg

  4. I love this one:

    This too...

  5. To shorten links go to and they turn them into tiny urls for you!


    One of the only ones I like beth in:

    My fave Aussie one:

    The one pink and purple I like

    If you want to see some beauties and some ABSOLUTE Horrors check out the sports acrobatics world championship photos.