Monday, December 1, 2008

The Couch Gymnast.....

Because This week the Legends Of WWL Contest begins.....

Okay, so this weeks poll is going to be a little bit different.  I have decided, considering my lengthy discussions about bad leotard choices, to start a search for the worlds worst leotard.  This search, in the form of a readers choice contest will pit offensive cut against heinous colour scheme, freaky fabrics against flouro shiners, it will seek out the ugliest of the ugly.  And to do this, I need you my dear readers!

This is how it will work;
The contest for the Worlds Worst Leotard will be done in heats and decided in The Couch Gymnast Polls.  This fortnight I will select a series of  horrendous leotard I have found in my internet travels, post them, and then put up a poll where readers can vote for the ugliest of the bunch.  Then, the next fortnight i will put up another series, and then the next fortnight another and so on, until we have a handful of winners.  Then, sometime early next year another poll, made up of each winner will be put together, where readers can vote for the;

This is where the Couch Gymnast needs you.  I want your help in the quest for ugliness.  If, on your travels through the net, you should spot any leotards you think worthy of a place in one of these polls,or of a place in the WWL Hall of Fame,  please contribute either by commenting and providing a link to a piccy, or emailing me at with the picture.
The only stipulation is that the leotard has been used in elite competition and that the picture is clear and easy to see and that the site where you got the picture isn't one of those one that are militant about not sharing pics.

In the next post, I will be putting up the first round of candidates, so please vote what you think is the worst offense and keep your eyes out for even worse ones and let me know!


  1. Never appreciated this one :

  2. Elena Gomez at the 2004 american cup

    Sandra Izbassa:

    Both these leos are horrible:

    also, I couldn't find a pic of it, but I figured yellow-orange velvet needed to be shared anyways
    Simona Amanar, 2000 Olympics vault EF

  3. Thanks Meg, I had the Spaniard ones in already, and i agree, that Romanian one deserves a spot. It was a blight on their relatively okay national colour scheme. Going to check out Amanar now. Thanks for your entries!

  4. If you are not that lucky, ask for recommendations of reputable companies supplying dance supplies such as Leotards and shoes. Since ballet shoes are not typically sold at local department stores or regular shoe stores, this will give you some direction.

  5. @Meg: I actually really like Elena Gomez's leo from 2004... and I think the one Sandra is wearing on that picture is quite apropriate for a junior, it's not that pretty, but ok

  6. what was she thinking???
    monette russo:

    Sorry, but uurgghhh....
    Shawn johnson: