Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Couch Gymnast Wishes you Gymfans..

Out there a happy christmas and all that business. I hope there was much hilarity or at least some good presents.

As you can see, some of our best have suffered at Christmas and I think its time we had a moment for the poor old Romanian girls who it seems, not only have to bear the burden of winning gold for their country, but also the burden of spreading Christmas cheer through some personal fashion humiliation of their own.
(At least these days, no matter how much her family members bicker and squabble over the last bit of breast or thigh or whatever our Romanian friends like to eat for their yuletide meal, Andreea can say "Well, I've had worse Christmasses. Remember the year that magazine made me wear that red maternity gown? I looked like Mrs Claus in her third trimester.")

Poor Andreea.

I tell you guys, It's hard having been far from the internet. I haven't been able to keep up with much gy,mnastics news, let alone discuss it.
After reading the big Ostapenko news briefly the other day, I wandered back to my sis's house the other day, muttering, how"I can't believe the dirty rat has dumped The poor old once might ukes for Russia! What is this world coming to?" But of course, my sister and my two-year-old neice just look at me blankly and go about their business, which mostly consists of my sister telling my neice that she is a big girl now and its time to use the big girls toilet (a hilarious potty shaped like a mini toilet) and my neice looking at it in horror, stamping her feet, shaking her head and demanding "nappy Mummy!" and then using the potty to hide her In The Night Garden toys in instead! No one cares about Ostapenko, or the state of Ukraininan gymnastics in these parts.
Anyway, I am at my Mother's now and she has internet so I will be back good and proper tomorrow. Til then, enjoy the leftovers.


  1. If you want to add some ugly leotards to your list, you should check out this montage on youtube...some of them are priceless!

    love your site! :)

  2. PS. I found ANOTHER pic of Steliana wearing her trademark white jacket, LOL

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