Saturday, December 6, 2008

And while were on the subject....

Famous pint-sized gymnasts used it all the time.  Oksana Omelianchick used it in her world famous '85 'birdie' routine.  Floor cutie Mo Huilan whipped it out to charm the crowds.  Maria Filatova did it. Nataliya Kalinina incoporated int0 her 'swing' routine in 1990.  Lilia Podkopeyeva used it at every possible opportunity.  Gina Gogean practically did her entire routine with it in the 92 AA's at the Euros.  Olga Sherbatyk opened with it in her 2006 Euros floor routine.  Shawn Johnson and Jiang Yuyuan both pulled it out for their cutesy 2008 floor routines.  And this is only some of them!

What am I talking about?  Well, it seems that on the floor exercise- where the littlest charmers charm best, a good coach/choreographer is usually  right onto tailoring just the right amount of winsome, cheeky dance with plenty of tumbling for these pint-sized mites to knock the socks  off audiences and judges alike.  If i was going to say there was one pre-requisite element for the pint-sized charmer, it would have to be the little foot- flex dance move so many of these cutesies do.  It's practically compulsory.  Do you know the position I'm talking about?  When you look at these pics below i think you will know exactly what i am talking about.We see it all the time.  The soviets started it and the Romanians used it on all their babies.  What is it about little gymnasts NOT pointing their toes that is SO DARN CUTE!?

Know what Im talking about now?


  1. I thought it was a motif taken from Slavic folk dancing. Could be wrong about that though!

  2. I believe it is too. Also used in Chinese folk dancing so hence the cute all over!