Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What you Looking At?!!!

Fabian:  I look smarter?  Really?
Viktoria: Well. maybe a little bit, honey.

Lu Shanzen:  Hey Cheng, pay attention.  That kid just nailed the Cheng. You might wanna try it.
Cheng:  Hey, wanna see my impression of Oksana's vault? 

Francesca (edit!):  Vanessa Ferarri is like, so 2006.

ASac:  Hey Nast, would you look at that wedge?  D'ya think she knows about butt glue? 
Nastia: Nup. Pretty sure she doesn't. 
Chellsie: If one more person asks me how I feel about sitting out another Olympics, I am gonna MURDER Andrea Joyce.

Chellsie:  Look at me pretending to be really really really happy for my team mate when all i want to do is go out there and kick butt one last time like i was supposed to!  I am so Stepford right now!
Random US Peep:  Cheer.  Look happy! Jump up and down! Do what Marta says and don't let those Chinese spies get one single shot of this!
Marta:  Zats it!  Zat leetle girl ees finished.  Ven ve get home she vill be back with those ideeot Parkettes so fast she von't know vot 'appened.  'Er career eez over! Over!

Polina:  See?  Don't worry, even Sveta falls sometimes.
Ekaterina: Yeah, but you're not the one who has to share a room with her. I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight. It's all gonna be Celine Dion songs, vodka and screaming fits.

Yang: My foreheads higher than hers? No way. She is showing some serious skin.
Nastia: But Alicia said the fringe bump would offset it. I'm gonna kill her later.
Ksenia: Am I really beginning to look like that?  I am so getting bangs.

Roza:  I vill rip out Gutsu's hair strand by strand, zen shove bamboo spears under 'er fingernails.  Zen I will make her vatch zat crying American's beam routine over and over again while I poke her with burning twigs.
Dina:  Bored.  Bored.  Bored.  Bored of no one noticing I am one of the best gymnasts of my time-what with all the DRAMA.  Bored bored bored bored.

Random Canadian: In Canada, we call that a vault. And that's a leotard, and that's called a coach.