Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Waddup Beth?

In my semi-permanent state of gymnastics musing, i found myself wondering this morning, when I really should have been deliberating on the effects of Australian road trip narratives on national attitudes toward the Australian outback, what Beth Tweddle is up to these days.  (See why i write this blog.  I can't think about my thesis all day.  I would die of boredom)
It struck me that i hadn't thought about Britain's Queen of gymnastics for quite a while.  That is strange enough in itself as I am a big fan of the Tweds.  You gotta admire her gutsy bar work and her fierce tumbling.  And you also have to admire her for single-handedly raising (until recently) Great Britain from the medal-less mire of world gymnastics.  
 Now I am pretty sure ole'  Bethy is retired these days and I am sure some far more up-to-date -on-the-money blogger told me so.  I know she said in her message to her fans on her site that she doesn't have a clue what she will do, but that was a while ago.  Things might have changed. In fact, I will just go check. Back in a jiffy.
(This is your hold music)hum-di -hum -do ho- la-la-la -la- KKKSHHHH " Hello, this is a brief message to inform you that the Couch gymnasts values its readers highly and will return to speak to you at the first available opportunity" KKKKSHHHH- La-la -hoooooo-ha-hoo-whooo-wa-whooo"

Okay, I am back.  Well kids, it seems the most recent tidbit  could find, from the Chester Chronicle -however reliable a source that is I simply do not know -is that Bethy is rethinking chucking in  her leo because of the sheer irresistible lure of the London 2012 games.
I gotta say, I know her stated aim and ambition was simply to make it into a bars final at the Olympics ( do you need to capitalize Olympics, or can you just say olympics?  I just realised I have no idea.  I will capitalize it for now because its important to us gym fans, at least until someone tells me differently) and that she did that with her fourth place.  But come on peeps, who really believes that with that insanely difficult and spectacular routine she pulled out of her adidas at the last minute wasn't gearing her up for a medal spot?  And darn i wish she'd gotten it.  I am certain she wanted the hardware, and i refuse to believe she wasn't frustrated by her so-close-yet-so-far-away fourth place (in fact she said she was slightly "gutted" on her website about it despite the all-round excellent time she had at the Olympics!)  You have to appreciate her honesty. 
Personally, I'd rather come eighth than fourth in an event final (you know, when they let someone whose highest gymnastic achievement is a handstand forward roll (on the floor, mind you) into the Olympics!) but Beth is probably a much bigger person than me.
Now there is no denying the Tweds is getting on, and that her body will be able to only take so much more pounding in training, but i really do hope she can hold out for London, at least on bars, because in my opinion, the girl is a legend.

And  if she doesn't make it as far as London, there is still Worlds this year.  Besides, I can't imagine Beth not having a great time in the next few years.  She is revered her country, which means she will hopefully get a chance at things like commentating during gymnastics events.  She has a life.  She has been studying for years, has a degree in sports science and is now studying sport massage WHILE she has been training.  She has a boyfriend and seemingly, a social life.  She has plenty up her sleeve.
I hope Beth continues for a while though, but i can't imagine her not contributing something more to the gymnastics world in any capacity.  And this would be great because the British are just getting better and better!


  1. We heard shortly after the olympics that she would be carrying on until 2012 if she could. She had always been planning to compete in 2009. I think I'd be right in saying that she's planning to compete as a specialist on bars and floor instead of training the all around.
    I can't remember exactly where I heard this, but I think it was on a tv interview, the news perhaps. (I'm British by the way, and from Chester, ironically)

  2. I wish Beth could have gotten the Gold medal on bars at the 2008 Olympics. That would be amazing! She deserves it not only for keeping British gymnastics alive! But, for her form and difficulty on bars! It's perfect:)
    Love the posts. Keep them coming!!!