Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to get personal....

Today's blog is a list of my favorite gymnastics things! I am a hoarder, so i have a lot of random gymnastics-related things in my room. In fact i have a lot of random things period. And today I feel like sharing some of them!

This is my beautiful collection of old 1960s to 1980s gymnastics federation pins I bought from people in Bulgaria and Romania.  My favorites are the 1980 Moscow Olympics one and the 1976 Montreal one. I had two of them but i gave the other to my friend Nadia.  I figured it was a good year for Comaneci, it might be lucky for Nads!  The white one with the gymnast in the red leotard is an old soviet gymnastics one.  I love it and wear it all the time.

This my silver medal from one of the two gymnastics competition i competed in high school!   I got it for the fifth apparatus they invented, the mini-tramp onto a high jump mat.  I did a front tuck, and a front handspring.  The next year i won beam (I was the only one who didn't fall off- a feat I achieved by only jumping about three centimetres from the beam every time i did a leap!) but we didn't get medals.  I found this a couple of weeks ago.  It makes me laugh every time i look at it.  Both for the memories and the picture of the unrealistically well-endowed gymnast! 

This is a VHS copy of the gymnastics movie American Anthem my friend Erin found for me at an old milk bar that was selling their hiring collection.  For those of you who haven't seen it, it's ultra-cheesy, ultra-eighties and awesome!  Just look at the hair on the girl on the cover and you know what you're in for.  I love this film. 

This is my Nadia Comaneci card my friend gave me for my birthday this year.  It is so, so cool.  She was really proud of it.  I hung it in my window and when you look up from the street (i live on a busy shopping strip) you can see Nadia grinning down at you!

I am a sucker old eastern bloc leotard designs.  They were simple, clean and interesting.  If i was ever going to design a line of t-shirts, they would be based on old leos.  I love that Mukhina wore a black leotard and the ones above, in the training shots, are such great colour combos.

They came from this book, Skills and Tactics of Gymnastics.  I love this book, not so much for the content, but for the photos.  The cover shot of Olga is stunning, and there are great photos of gymnasts like Yurchenko, Naimushina and Davydova training and practising their ballet.

This is my friend Megsy and she is another favorite gymnastics thing.  She was never into gymnastics until i asked if she wanted to come to the Worlds in 2005.  Being one of those great people who are always up for new things, she said yes and came to the floor and beam finals.  On the day, she turns up and she's been deejaying and partying all night at the club she worked at and was so hung over she could barely walk.  
She thought buying and eating a dodgy looking cheese and salad roll from the food stand would help.  It didn't.  It made her run to the bathrooms and throw up!  When she got back though, she felt all better, and got really into the gymnastics- so into it that when we were outside waiting for our ride to a party afterwards she tried to turn cartwheels all over the grass.  That, of course, was hilarious and just brought back her hangover.
She is also my favorite gymnastics thing because during Beijing, she rang me at my Mums in Tasmania just to tell me that she cried at the gymnastics every time she watched it!
Then, a few weeks ago, when i told her about Oksana Chussovitina's little boy she cried too.  Such a softy! 
I had a picture of her crying after i told her about Chusso and was going to post that, but i lost it with the stolen computer so this one will have to do.

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  1. If anyone's curious (I have a deep love for bad 80s movies so I had to look for this one) the movie's on YouTube. Here's the link to the trailer:

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