Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some skills that make me go WOAH!

Olga Korbut's back somi off the bars was so, so exciting to watch even twenty years after she did it. Always makes me shiver with excitement. I know they were talking about it on the International gym forum, but does anyone know why it was banned?
Simona Amanar doing the Amanar.  Need I say more?
Produnova's running front double off the beam never, ever fails to astound me.  That girl had POW-ER.
Mo Huilan's gaylord makes me scream every time she does it.  It's one of those bar moves that just seem impossible to me.  I think bars is the least accessable for those who never did gymnastics or don't know that much about it technically, because it is hard to differentiate between types of grips and turns.  But with the Gaylord, it pretty easy to see what's going on- a spectacular release move!
Peng Peng Lee's flares on the beam are so so awesome.  I love it for it's strength, it's spectacle, and also for it's downright cheekiness.  She's such a cute little imp.  I can't wait until she is a senior.  I hope she kick butt!  On a big scale!
I love nearly everything Daniela Silivas did, but i just adored those little knee-flared spins she did on floor, where she'd start in a kneel, spin up and around on her toes, and land in a kneel again.  So freaking cute!  You can tell she loved them too, because she used them in more than one routine!
Of course i can't find a picture, but Shaposhnikova's one arm balance with the planche is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen done one beam.  Gosh I wish the girls had the time to be able to include more flexibility and strength moves like she could back then.  That's what I loved about Shayla Worley's beam set- the lovely back flexibility moves she did.  I want more.  Hopefully the code change might see a shift back to it.  Here's hoping!
Ivana Hong's fancy stalder thingy was pretty fun.  It always made me go weeee!  So did Chellsie Memmels actually.  I wish Hong had been rewarded more internationally for it.

Oana Ban's full-twisting layout makes me jump with glee every time. It's so, so fantastic. I am having a Ban renaissance lately, so you might be hearing more about her. (P.S This is one of my all-time gymnastics photos.  Dunno why, but I love it!)


  1. Kui YuanYuan's full on beam wows me more than Oana's. She did it beautifully at the 1997 World Championships EF if I remember correctly. Worth a look if you can find the video on YouTube.

  2. seen it many times. I just saw Oana's first, so it was the one that made me scream!

  3. Just going through all these blogs you've left, so great to see someone else writing about all the gymnastics stuff I think about. I'm in a permanent state of thinking about gymnastics, sometimes can't even sleep because I'm thinking about how Shannon Miller could have had a 10 SV without the DLO or how Kui got robbed of beam gold at the 1997 worlds. I saw the Oana full twisting layout before the Kui one as well, and that was somethiung I kept rewinding and playing again with my jaw dropped! Ha, glad someone else appreciates it :)

  4. I think they were really worried about possibly getting gymnasts paralyzed with the korbut. since mukhina did a full twisting one, and no one knew what happened to her for a while, they might have freaked out and gotten rid of it. also, if you jump a little too far back, you will practically guarantee yourself wheelchair or worse.