Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let's Play..........

A little game I like to call "What's wrong with this picture?"
C'mon it'll be fun.

A. The fact that in every shot I find of Verona, she still manages to look like everyone's Aunt?
B. Florica's black velvet boob casing?
C. A gymnast with boobs?

A. Bogey's black leather/leo dominatrix ensemble?
B. The fact that she is playing I'm a Little Teapot on the beam at her age?
C.  Her slightly manic "i may have finally lost my marbles doing all these display shows" facial expressions (Do you think maybe this is what drove Shayla to drink?)?
D.  Her ponytail.  Is that a perm i see before me?

A.  The fact that denim cut-offs and a lab coat are being considered formal wear?
B. The heavy reliance on ther ole white jacket (Are the Romanian girls out to get me?  How did they infect the Chinese with their bad taste in jackets? Do these girls never worry about spilling)?
C.  The fact that Cheng is wearing a sheep as a doily? (At least Zhang Nan has the wherewithal to look slightly embarrassed for her)
D.  The part of the statues anatomy being kissed at this moment?

A.  That Dasha might, in fact, be wearing flouro lime green stockings?
B. The length of Olivia Vivian's arms?
C.  That fact that Lauren Mitchell kind of resembles a blue tongue lizard in this shot?
D.  Ashleigh has taken Madonna's bra OVER clothes theme and run with it?
E.  The fact the girls permitted whoever is in charge to post this pic on the Gymnastics Australia news update page (then perhaps they didn't!)?

A. That silver dress?
B. Tasha Schwikert's hair?
C. That silver dress?
D. Tasha Schwikert's blue asian print top being matched with a zebra print bag.
E. That silver dress?

A. The silver dress in profile?
B. The headband?
C.The silver dress in profile?
D. That no one seems to know where to look (anywhere but at that shining-leaves-nothing-to-the-imagination-silver monstrosity perhaps)?
E. The silver dress in profile?
F. That the perpetrator of the silver dress Fashion Crime of the Century also appears to be wearing an elaborate, lifelike, finger bracelet on her right arm?
G.  One more time THE SILVER DRESS?


  1. hahaha like the silver dress comment!

  2. What concerns me more than the silver dress itself is the fact that the boobs in the silver dress are about a metre apart... tissues??

  3. Nah, the boobs were real. The gymnast in question, Gabriella Wammes (her brother Jeffrey now represents Holland, as well), was well endowed for a competitive gymnast.