Sunday, November 30, 2008

Leo torture continued....

In the comments to my last blog about the quest for the least offensive leotard, someone asked me how i thought Canada fitted into this picture. What do I think of Canada's choices?
Well I have to say, Canada is one of those countries that is blessed with a simple, yet lovely combination of colours in their national flag with it red and white. Not only that, but it is blessed with a particularly pretty botanical symbol with which it can adorn its national uniforms.
The red and white has been used well on occasions in the past.

(Monica Goermann)

(Elyse Hopfner-HIbbs)

I have also noticed a bit of the ole black and white going on, which i have no idea of the significance of, perhaps some Canadian reader can fill us in. It might be much like how Oz flag colours are red, blue and white, but our other daffy flag, the boxing kangaroo is yellow and green, the combo we usually adopt for sports to differentiate us from the Brits.
The black and white has been adopted prettily at times too.

(Aisha Gerber)

They have even demonstrated a talent in the past for going way off the national topic and doing it well.

(jennifer Wood)

So, as we have seen, the National shades are pleasant, non-offensive colour combinations, and they can come up with other nice ideas, but that does NOT mean Canada has not gone all out breaking all the other rules set out by the Couch Gymnast.

(Nansy Diamonova in a sleeveless number.  Grrr!)

(First thing I though after that awesome beam mount and tumbling row, was "Wow, way too too shiny". The high collar give her no neck and Elyse is so compact  she needs all the neck she can get.)

(Nansy Diamonova letting the whole team down with this number that, according to CG logic breaks ALL the rules)

So, i guess I can  say that I think Canada, like the others, can do okay, but they are definitely not the least offensivewhen it comes to leo choices!


  1. Don't forget the fluro sparkly one from '06 Commonwealth Games!

  2. There is no significance in the black and white leo choice.. must have been a personal choice by the gymnasts/what was designed to be "nice". LOL