Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I couldn't resist....

Posting this piccy of Oana Ban. As I have mentioned i have recently been having a Ban renaissance, probably because she is a coach now in Cluj- Napoca in Romania, a town I am going to next year.  So I  have therefore been catching up with her work.  I wonder if i could get hold of a translator and try an interview with her while I am there?  The world needs a catch-up with her, I reckon!  
I would love to see inside a Romania gym too, even a recreational gym.  I am not sure if Ban trains elites, but  imagine she would be.  (When i saw on my blog analysis that people in Deva have been reading my blog, i got hysterical!!  Its so funny to think that people all over the world are reading these things!)
 ANYWAY, i found this photo on the wonderful, wonderful gymbox site and could not resist posting it. 
Now i don't like getting too schmaltzy, but is that photo not the cutest freaking thing you have ever seen?!!  Oana in her baby-fat, baby-face (the face never really went away) era is a sight to behold.  
She does, however, look mildly alarmed by the giant orange creature standing behind her.  And who can blame her at her obviously tender years?  I am probably nearly three times her age here and if i saw that thing coming', i'd run the other way!


  1. It's actually a holiday to celebrate handing in my masters thesis. I will be starting at the Euro Championships in Milan, traveling through Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and then the Baltic States. Just for leisure, really. I am looking forward to it very much.
    In fact, if anyone knows any other exciting gym-related activities to do while I am there (between April and June) let me know!
    (By the way, is this Rick of the invaluable Gymnastics Coaching? I always wondered if you still read The Couch Gymnast because my blog never went onto your blog list! When I first started I used to check all the time, thinking i'd made it when i got on there!!)

  2. Hi there, great blog.
    Dont worry about needing a translator, Oana is quite good with her English. She has also grown about 3 inches since retiring so she is pushing 4.11" now :)
    If you get the time you should check out the towns of Brasov and Sibiu which are extremely beautiful.
    Russ webmaster http://www.steliana-nistor.net/