Friday, October 24, 2008

When things Don't Go Right..

Frustration must be one of the hardest parts of gymnastics, in both training and competition. You do your routines. You know your routines inside out, back-to-front, but it never, ever means you will necessarily perform them the way you wanted to. It also must be hard to deal with the things that come with being a gymnast; team politics, rumors, judges, the media and everything else that stands in the way of getting the job done. But that, is the nature of gymnastics. It might be a lack of concentration, a bad training session, elements out of your control in a competition, fans, personal problems, the press - whatever it is- it's gotta be hard when thing don't go your way...

I get very frustrated, especially if it's my favorite piece, the assymetric bars. I'm always getting told to calm down. I tend to sit and sulk, or pull a face. That's when Amanda (Kirby) tells me to sort out my face and get on with it.
Beth Tweddle

The hardest part for get on top of the beam and stay on it!
Vanessa Ferrari
I was probably pretty frustrating to work with, because if I ever did anything wrong, I would just start crying. And it wouldn't be because I was hurt or anything like that, or because I didn't want to be there. I love gymnastics, but it was because I was such a perfectionist that anything I did was wrong. You know, it just tore me up, and Steve dealt with that really well.
Shannon Miller

I really want to thank the team, especially because everyone performed much better than me. I want to thank everyone's performance today. It's been a great encouragement to me
Cheng Fei

They (fans) come up to me sometimes, of course. But instead of the broken-record approach of "Do you have the time, Miss?" or "Why do you look so sad?", they'll hold out a hand, documents, money and beg for an autograph. To them, I'm not an attractive woman, but just a famous athlete. Sometimes that sucks.
Svetlana Khorkina

Often if mistakes are made, frustration seizes, but as i was saying to a team mate last week, the day you sit there and feel nothing is the day that passion has ceased. Without passion, summoning motivation is impossible.
Dasha Joura

It is so upsetting that this happened. I can't even talk about it.
Anna Pavlova on her vault zero

I'm dissapointed. But I'm also mad.
Elise Ray after vault disaster in Sydney.

I would like to make a request, though. We'd like to be left alone, and not have to worry about the press making up scandals about our team. Right now, we have to focus on the Olympics so that everything can work out for us.
Maria Olaru

I thought i was over the bar, and I wanted to change my grip, and my hand just slipped. To make matters worse, I hit the bar while falling. As if the blisters I had on my hand weren't bad enough!
Simona Amanar on falling during AA at Tianjin

There were some very difficult times: the death of my father, but I knew it was his dream to see me make it to Sydney. Likewise, after Atlanta I lost a lot of my motivation: I had achieved my goal. Fortunately my coaches were able to bring me down to earth, explaining that I had to get back to work as I would not receive any preferential treatment.
Elvire Teza

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