Monday, October 6, 2008

What was she thinking.....

A. Do you think I should I tell her she's facing the wrong way?  Or would that just be helping her win?
B. Hey shortass! Turn around and let me tell you something. You have got it all wrong- I am the short, cute one. So step off, beeyatch!
C.  That giant on my left is making me nervous. I'm so scared of making eye contact, I can't even remember what event we're lining up for. "
D. Please don't let them be looking at my ugly leotard......please don't let them be looking at my ugly leotard... please don't let them.......
E.  Maybe hers is uglier than mine.  If she'd just turn around I could get a better look.  
F. Why do I always have to be the little Russian with the ugly leotard?  I swear someone's out to get me.  The Ksenias never had to wear anything this bad.

1 comment:

  1. You could almost have as much fun with Sandra's expression in this picture...