Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A spoonful of Pseudoephidrene...

May have ruined Andreea Raducans'memories of her competitive career, but it certainly didn't stop her winning the favorite Romanian Gymnast in this fortnights poll by about ten thousand miles. So here's a list of reasons (among many) to love AndreƩa.

She was almightily talented. Some might say duh at that, but it's hard to pick the real gems in such a talented lot as the Romanian. But Raducan was elected to the national team as a replacement for the retired Milosovic and Gogean, and replace them she did. She could tumble, and she could dance, and she had a hell of a lot of firepower for someone so darn short!

She was also as cute as a button. I will never forget watching some video of the Sydney Olympics where- I am sure it was in warm-ups but I can't remeber what day- when a gymnast, i think she was Australian, took a bad fall, and you can see Andreea's hilarious reaction in the background. Her look of horror then relief was so cute and funny! Andreea of course, despite the incorrect height of the vault, didn't mess up at all.

The girl was so damn loveable that her enitre country seemed to stand behind her in the aftermath of the Sydney drugs controversy. The president sent her flowers. 4000 students marched in a square in a town called Craiova demanding she get her medal back and 1000 well-wishers turned up with gifts and signs to wish her a happy birthday on her return from the games.

It was her father who decided she would be a gymnast. Given the choice, in her town, between athletics and gymnastics, her father, remembering the triumphs and talent of Nadia Comaneci, took the four-and-a-half-year old Andreea to her first gymnastics school where she ran straight for the foam pit, dived in and never looked back. She won countless medals for her home town club before being selected to Deva and eventually, the National Team.

She has had a successful career since retiring from gymnastics. She finished a degreee in journalism and has worked as a travel agane t and event promotion. She has even done modelling- and not the kind of modelling Ungareanu did. Andreea managed to keep her clothes on!

She doesn't seem to be affected by any body issues. In an interview she told a journalist quite candidly that she became overweight after her retirement but she didn't care. She did begin excercisng again, but more for fitness than woory about her weight. She told him she didn't want to worry about diets. "I feel good as I am" she told them. Fair enough too, I say! I'm sure she had to spend her entire gymnastics career watching her weight.


  1. What a great Romanian gymnast (and that's saying a lot!)...and wasn't it Elise Ray's disastrous warmup vault in AA that elicited that response from Raducan? It's not important....but what a great reaction!

  2. It's true, Andreea is still very loved in Romania. She's so sweet!

  3. I think it was Elise Ray's warm up vault that elicited that reaction from Raducan!