Monday, October 27, 2008

Romania; Not just a Gymnastics Dynasty...

Remember when I wrote, well...complained...about Steliana's seemingly undying, addictive love for this particular white jacket?
If you don,t, basically i was pointing out the fact that every chance Steli gets to get her leo off, she jumps right into this number, which of course, picky wench I am, have an issue with.
One, it's white.
Two, it's so unbearable nineties it hurts.
Three, it's TOO SHORT!!! Does she not care about her kidneys? Because they are not getting a whole lot of coverage. And believe me, I saw an episode of House M.D (don't judge, we all love crap TV just like we all wore terrible clothes at times) and kidneys count, and they certainly don't like to get cold!

But what I didn't know, what I had no idea until today, is that, in fact, it might not be Steli's fault. She may have unwittingly influenced by one of her less famous, but possibly more influential elders. Romaina may also have a fashion dynasy on its hands. So basically..

It seems Ms Stroescu had quite the penchant for the white jacket and it seems she had more than one!

For those of you who don't remember Silvia, she was one of the new talents hauled in to replace Olaru and Amanar in the early to mid nineties in Romanian gymnastics. She wowed the 2000 Junior European judges, winning beam and floor and taking second place in the all-around. She never quite did as well in her senior career as an individual, but was part of the winning teams in both Ghent and in Athens team that triumphed in spite of much unrest in the Romanian gymnastics camp. Her favorite event was beam. She retired after a devastating back injury spoiled her final two years in the sport.
Her best friend on the National team was Catalina Ponor, and after retiring has kept out of the gymnastics world for a period. She planned to coach later on but wanted to be away from gymnastics for a few years. She managed to attend two different colleges, hoping for a degree in psychology which she would then take into sports psychology. In the last interview conducted with her, she was living in a flat under her parents villa with her three dogs and cat, had a boyfriend at college and had no plans to learn to cook while there was good food to be bought nearby. She wanted to travel to Hawaii again, where she had been once with the team, despite her fear of volcanoes ("I always want to keep a packed bag by the door of my hotel in case he (volcano) change his mind," she said!!!).

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