Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Many Faces of....

Svetlana Khorkina

I love Svetlana Khorkina. I don't really understand how anyone couldn't.
I do understand when people say that sometimes she was overscored,
or that she got favours from the judges,
or when they say that sometimes too much was made of her gymnastics,
or that the commentators made such a drama out of her every little nuance of mood,
or that she tended to chew the scenery a little.
But I just don't understand how you couldn't like her!
She was funny, melodramatic, graceful and about as charismatic as they come.
She was deeply, fiercely and openly competitive
And as these photos show, she was often unintentionally funny.
Here are the many faces of The Russian Butterfly....

1. The "Who eez thees Carly Patterson? I do not like her. I vill tear her into leetle pieces" face.

2. The "eet does not matter. I take ze short American's medal. Take zat, you pesky, perky leetle girl!" face.

3. The "if i smile enough zey vill not notice I haff not completed my twists" face.

4. The "If you think i am going to miss ze bar zis time, you have another tink coming Meester judge." face.

5. The "Zank you darlinks! Queen Sveta reigns again!" face.

6. The "Yez, yez, very nice vault, now vatch me take you down, leetle girl" face.

7.The "oh I am zo bored of being ze greatest living gymnast." face.

8. The "Oh Boris, I am zo zorry I call you stupid leetle man zis morning. You are genius for making your leetle Sveta a champion. You vill now get your pension." face.

9.The "Vot do you mean they haff published nude photos of me on ze internet. What is zis internet?" face.

10. The "do you zink if i make beeg enough jazz hands, people vill not notice I forget to wear top?" face.

And don't worry, I am well aware that no one is ever, ever going to be convinced(or impressed) by my internet Russian accent!


  1. :)) a very funny article. I really like your Russian accent =)); and well chosen photos

  2. haha you crack me up. that was great.