Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little bit of Aaaawwww....

I don't know about you guys, but I am tired, bored of writing my thesis and so sick of the library smell of coffee and carpet that I need some happy. Right now. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite sweet moments I have found in my relentless piccy hunt for y'all...

Shawn and Nastia getting their laugh on. Love this as just one of the happier pictures taken of the US gang at Beijing. One of the things I do like about Shawn and Nastia is that they are always the first to congratulate each other. Also, I have to say, I was pretty damn happy to see Shawn win beam. Beijing would have been a complete write-off for her otherwise.

Oksana Chusovitina's kid Alisher is so damn cute as well as being such a lucky, lucky little boy for being in remission from his cancer. My favorite thing Oksana has ever told about him, was how, though she hadn't necessarily planned for him to take part in gymnastics, he simply marched up to her with an enrolment form from the school and told her, "You need to sign your name. I am a gymnast now!"

This is such a cute pic. Despite coming from different clubs; Lorena Coza comes from Romana, while Vanessa Ferrari comes from Brixia, the girls have spent a lot of time together in the various versions of the Italian National teams. Neither girls had quite the Olympics they probably hoped for. Injury and growth prevented Vanessa from even coming close to her 2006 Aarhus achievements, and Lorena, despite competing internationally for Italy often in the last few years in bars and beam and coming seventh at the Italian Nationals, went to Beijing only as a reserve.

The Hypolito's. Wow. Two of the best gymnasts to ever come out of Brazil. Two fantastic floor performers. Two incredibly powerful gymnasts. Two long (for gymnastics) careers. And they come from the same family. Nice to see they get along too!!

I know we've seen this pic bandied about a heap since Beijing, but it is truly, truly awesome. I can't help but wonder what Cheng is trying to convey to Alicia with that hilarious face and angry fist. Two giant personalities and two of my all-time favorites.

The cutest little pixie in senior gymnastics getting a congratulatory cuddle.


  1. Why would Beijing be a complete write-off for Shawn if she didn't win a gold medal? I know she was so hyped up to be at the top, but either way, she would have been going back to corn country with four Olympic medals. She and Nastia were the only ones from the US team to get any medals other than the team silver; she should be a little happier with what she got. Four silvers would be nothing to write off. And it's not like she ended up off a podium entirely despite somebody completely splatting their event or getting the raw end of a tiebreaker.

    Now I'm wondering if anybody bothered to sit Shawn down and give her some sort of check. Like the fact that a lot of the best AAers were out with or recovering from injury, leaving her a clear path to win all the time. The fact that domestic scoring wouldn't be an accurate representation of what she would likely get in Beijing. The fact that the execution of some of her basic skills could (and did) lose her some points. The fact that the judges did her a favor in the AA and she could have very well ended up out of the medals entirely. When they were debating over her vault, I seriously thought they weren't going to credit her Amanar.

    Shawn has been an elite for three whole years and she's had it damn good, even if her Olympics wasn't covered in gold like she was expecting.

    - Lightbulb Hands

  2. Oh please. No one needed to sit Shawn down. If she hadn't missed her one handstand on UB and completed her vault like she had been in qualifiers she would have won, even with Nastia getting grossly over-scored on FX. Shawn is more than capable of beating Nastia or anyone else in any country if she hits. She was a little off, that day and she got silver.