Friday, October 17, 2008

The Gift That Keeps on Giving..

Is it hayfever season?
Is she allergic to them?
Is it just me, or does Steliana always look a bit glum when she's given flowers?
Does she, like those women of the night, believe cut flowers are a symbol of death?
Is this why Steliana Nistor always looks like she has been handed a bucket of poo every time she is handed a bunch of flowers?
Or is it just me?!

See? This is not a picture of a happy girl, is it?

Or here?

Even when receiving flowers and accolades was new to her, she hated it.

Maybe she was worried these ones clashed too much with the leo?

In this case it might not be about the flowers. Maybe it's about the leo they made her wear....

Though she nearly cracked a smile here.

Even when they tried matching them to her outfits...... she still hated it.

"Nicolae! Make them stop!!!"

"If that dude with the roses comes one step closer, I swear I'm gonna shoot!"


  1. You'd think she'd be smiling in that 07 worlds BB podium! They let her stand in the middle, as if she was a gold medallist, when really she wasn't!


  2. Stelliana always looked sad! Whether she was holding flowers or not. ;)

  3. I found one!