Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carly Patterson's Got Game?

So, first off I have to admit that I have never really had a soft spot for Carly Patterson ( I'm sorry, but I just think that girl always looks like she is thinking bad thoughts).
Still, I can't help but feel sorry for her. She has been completely usurped by the current Queen of U.S gymnastics, Nastia Liukin, who, it is fair to say has a lot more personality and oomph to carry any kind of post-gym career. And Carly's music is.... well.... not.
Even when she was a champion, she was always out-spotlight-ed by Queen Khorky, whether she beat her or not. Poor Carly never really had a chance in beating her in the personality stakes, even though, most of the time, her gymnastics was better, if not as lovely to watch.
Now she is trying to muscle into an industry where you need to ooze personality, and she has already proved that she hasn't even got as much to give as her gymnastics contemporaries, let alone all the music show business personalities she now has to compete with.
Also, it must hurt to see how quickly she was replaced. Carly, more than anyone must know what it feels like to have the juniors creeping up behind you, considering the next big thing was creeping up in her very own gym, making the last Olympic AA seem like they happened in the long-distant past.
I have to say I find it a bit strange how she has openly and publicly stated she wants to leave her gymnastics fame behind. I mean, really? How does she think she is getting the opportunities she is getting? Just from being a nice all-American girl with a okay singing voice? That irks me. There's nothing wrong with trading off fame to launch yourself a career.
I mean look at Bart Connor and Nadia Comaneci, they have built an empire for themselves, albeit mostly in the gymnastics world, but still, they would admit they are trading off their former gymnastics fame (well, Bart might have to admit he's trading of Nadia's!).
Gymnastics careers are fleeting. We all know that. Gymnasts have to find something after it all over in the gym and if they have gotten some opportunities due to their gymnastics fame, they should by all means take it.
I just think Carly should accept the truth that she is probably getting the opportunities she is getting because she is an Olympic Champion. And that's okay, Carly. Really, it is.
I guess i just feel like she is one of those sad child stars waiting to happen, you know? The saddest thing is that she seems a wee bit bitter already. It's too soon to be bitter.
Now, so that this isn't a completely negative post, I have to say that I was in awe of her beam work sometimes. She was so light! It was uncanny how she could land on a beam with barely a sound. My jaw would drop, without fail, every time I watched her catlike tumbling on the BB.

And now, to end on a humorous note, the thing i feel most sorry for CP for, is what I like to think of as her somewhat unfortunate "gameface!" (okay, to be fair, everyone pulls these face when gravity is doing what it is doing, but she did have a rather unfortunate habit of being snapped like this!)

Though there have been worse. This one of the most unfortunate 'gameface' moments I have ever had the dubious privilege to see! This is a South African gymnast, Francki Van Rooyen.

And this next piccy is one of my all-time favorite gymnastics photos. Don't you just wish you could read Martha's mind in this moment? Something tells me it would be the key to the Hags kingdom if you could read her thoughts right now!!


  1. Carly won gold and got to do a lot of cool things because of that. It's too bad about the injury because if she had kept going, she would've gotten even more opportunities.

  2. you're so right about carly. she was just... not as inspiring as many other gymnasts. and also had a little bit of that rom-bot in her (robotic movements on the beam, not smooth and artistic).

  3. Its quite funny that the worse face expression picture of the South African gymnast was named sport picture of the month in a French sport magazine They could understand the speed of such a double front on floor and how the g force pulled the face.