Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Straight from the Gymnasts Mouth...

Today's list is of the ways some gymnasts got into the sport. It seems not every one of our stars planned on being a champion- at least not in gymnastics anyway. And it certainly seems like a lot of houses got destroyed before some manic tots were put into gym classes!

It was like an earthquake was in the house. I already had little muscles (at age four) I was really lively, So my Mum said ‘lets bring her to the gym.’”
Carlotta Giovanni.

“I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to do gymnastics, and the truth is that only after I began to practice did I start to appreciate it. In the beginning I liked it, but I didn’t love it.”
Daiane Dos Santos.

“Several coaches came to my kindergarten to select girls to the group. As I recall, I was taken from the sandbox, muddy and uncombed, and brought to them. Later I cried that I would never do gymnastics but a few weeks after, to my parents' surprise, I yelled at them "Take me to practice, I want to the gym!" I was such an unbearable child. By the way, I have never even played with dolls like all nice, modest girls. I wanted toy cars, period!”
Dina Kochetkova

"When I was seven I saw a competition on television and immediately liked it. No i didn't fall for a star. When you are seven you don't know any names. I fell for the sport, the competition, the audience that shows a lot of sympathy, the eagerness to become better, the elegance of the routines. The most beautiful is the floor exercise because you do your routine with music. My favourite floor music is the prodigy."
Elena Zamoldchikova.

The first Olympics I remember watching were in 1992, but I didn’t watch the gymnastics. All I bothered about was Linford Christie.”
Beth Tweddle.

"Like everyone else, my mum just wanted me to expend my energy anywhere but on her furniture! My older sister was already in gymnastics, so she took me there, hoping to tire me out!"

Georgia Bonora.

"I started gymnastics when I was three years old. The reason I began was because it was the age which I wanted to do everything like my older sister, Ashley, and she was a gymnast so that's what I wanted to be. Thanks Ash!!!"
Courtney Kupets

“I started gymnastics in Russia, and I moved to Australia when I was seven years old…. At first, I really hated [learning a new language] because I couldn’t understand everybody. I had to be dragged to school because I couldn’t understand anybody and I had no friends. But now, English has become almost like my first language”
Daria Joura. Inside Gymnastics Magazine

"I tried every other sport possible and was not good at any of them. One day I was at the mall with Mom and i started doing cartwheels. That's when she said 'Maybe we should give gymnastics a try.' I tried it and realised i was good at it."
Alicia Sacramone

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