Monday, September 22, 2008

More Shallowness from the depths...

The Fuggers Meets Gymnastics!

Okay, so this entry is stepping right outside my usual list-making parameters, but i am very, very excited.   Actually...I can get around this.  I can satisfy my Virgoan need to make everything into a list by writing a list about why I am so excited. 
I am excited because; 
1. I love it every year, when Heather and Jessica, writers of my all-time favorite blog Go Fug Yourself- an ongoing commentary on fashion disasters and the people who wear them- go to New York City to cover NY Fashion Week.
2. For me, they are among the funniest bloggers in the universe and when you let them loose among the celebs and runways of NYFW you basically get a lot of great fodder for their free-for-alls on celebrity fashion faux pas. 
3. If you appreciate fashion, or merely like to laugh at celebrity fashion crimes, please look them up (Make sure you read the archives on particular repeat offenders on the right of the page too). They are very popular, so a simple google search of Go Fug Yourself will find them. 
4. Anyway, never in my life did i think that the fuggers and gymnastics would meet. But what do you know...? 
5. They did.  So, cut and paste this link to read the Fuggers little shout out (she wasn't one of their victims, thankfully) to Nastia Liukin during fashion week.
(Sorry i still don't know how to link.  I'm sure it is easy for someone less html-challenged than myself!)
6. Anyway, we all know the girls have been swanning around fashion week in the well-deserved post-Olympic fun times.  And Nastia is looking great.  I saw the pic of her in this awesome yellow dress last week and thought she looked gorgeous (Alicia is a bit more hit and miss, but more on that in a blog later this week (See?!! such a virgo.  I plan my blogs in advance!).  
7. Hence, I am excited.  

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